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Experiences, Risks, Price of the heavy metal detox chelation Therapy

First of all it’s important for all of you who want to begin with a chelation therapy to know one important matter.

This treatment can show a lot of positive reports from patients but there is also a special report from a german expert who talks about significant risks.

That’s why it is crucial that you read everything in a calm state and decide on your own if you want to use this heavy metal and poison detox for your body.


A lot of people will not know anything about this chelation therapy because most of us don’t even know that something like heavy metals exist in our bodies. According to the opinion of a lot of doctors these heavy metals are responsible for those wide spread diseases. However, for many modern doctors of our time there is even nothing like a heavy metal poising.

These heavy metals have a detrimental effect on our body. They cling to some vital enzymes and prevent them doing their job. But not all metals are bad. There are also harmless metals which do not attack any crucial enzymes.

The word „chelat“ by the way comes from the French language and means to embrace. In our case all the heavy metals should be embraced because they have no place in the human organism.

How does chelation therapy work?

There are some substances like EDTA, DMSA or DMPS which have the ability to tie heavy metals from the bloodstream. These substances are mercury which appears in amalgam fillings, the cheapest and most common used dental fillings. Other metals are lead, cadmium, copper and plutonium. If you have a tooth crown, have a look at it. It could contain the heavy metal palladium which according to a dentist is many times more harmful than amalgam.

Even aluminum that is more a light metal can cause problems. If it ties iron anemia can be caused by it. But aluminum too can be removed from your body.

Furthermore, calcium can also be a reason for diseases. If calcium accumulates in the arteries and thus brings about a constriction of the arteries a sufficient blood flow is now possible anymore. This leads to the known wide spread diseases of our time.

The before mentioned EDTA (Ethylendiamintetraacetat: C10 H16 O8), which is also called chelating agent or chelator, is injected into the bloodstream of the patient.

The infusion however takes very long, you have to wait and stay in bed for 3-4 hours so that the EDTA can operate slowly and effectively.

This is an important part as otherwise it can lead to some health-related problems. The reason for this lies in the fact that within only a short infusion time only the essential and good metals and minerals will be tied but not the intended heavy metals. This is also one of the critiques of this therapy.

Depending on the disease grade there will be the need for a lot of infusion sessions. Generally, you have to expect around 10-50 infusion sessions. Based on the experience of patients the success is seen within the first sessions already.

For which diseases is the chelation therapy useful?

As I mentioned before I was talking about wide spread diseases. By that I really mean those health complaints like hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson, dementia or Alzheimer and heart diseases which lead to heart attacks or strokes.

High Blood Pressure

EDTA doesn’t only have the function to tie heavy metals but also the calcium in our blood vessels which shows itself as calcification. This is responsible for different kinds of strokes and also hypertension.

If calcium is freed the blood vessels get their normal diameter again. This way much more blood can flow through the arteries. The organism doesn’t have to work so hard anymore which means that blood pressure can be reduced again.

It had to be high when the body had the constriction of the blood vessels. So, if blood vessels are tight because of a constriction the organism must increase the blood pressure so that every organ gets the same blood amount as before blood vessels were harmed.

So, what is hypertension in reality? It’s just a symptom of constricted blood vessels. If blood pressure would be as high as before the constriction our organs would receive too less blood because too less blood would flow through the narrowed arteries.

Now I ask you: Is it really wise to take antihypertensive drugs? We don’t want to lower blood pressure but get rid of the cause which is the constriction of arteries!

It only makes sense to take such pills if the risks of an increased blood pressure get too high and if other symptoms like headaches are becoming critical.


To what extent does heavy metal afflicted blood have any effect on the emergence of diabetes?

Diabetes is existent when the insulin producing cells are attacked from the own body so that not enough insulin is there.

Every time when the body attacks itself we are talking about autoimmune diseases.

But the question is why does the organism attack itself? Normally, this shouldn’t happen as it makes no sense.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any satisfying explanations on the internet why chelation therapy should have a positive effect on diabetes.

I have extended my research and found out is some sources that allegedly the german federal ministry for education, science and research and technology (in german short: BMBF) should have done an autoimmune research in the year 1990.

In this research the results show that heavy metals like mercury or gold change the chemical structure of cells in a way that benign antigens are attacked.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any original sources for the above-mentioned information.

But, if this is true then it is clear why chelation therapy can work here. The main purpose of it is to remove all the heavy metals from the body. This way every cause for a malfunction in the body is gone. The body can work in a correct way again.

More Diseases

A lot of other diseases which have a connection to artery constriction are also influenced positively.

Among those there is also the often heard migraine. A lot of sufferers try everything to get rid of this headache plague, take a myriad of strong drugs which only help for a short while. A blood vessel expansion with the chelation therapy can be of great help.

Heart diseases of all kind like strokes always have something to do with an insufficient supply of blood. The heart must work much more when arteries are too tight. This leads to a faster degeneration of the heart. But the heart itself also needs blood. So, arteriosclerosis (tightened arteries) brings about an undersupply of the heart with blood.

If with the help of EDTA the arteries are expanded again the heart will also get more blood and doesn’t have to increase blood pressure anymore in order to send more blood through blood vessels.

A typical disease among men which a lot of affected patients are not talking about with joy is impotence. The cause is very clear. The sexual organ is simply receiving too less blood.

For Parkinson it is said there is no healing. Well, chelation therapy doctors say that this treatment can even help here. Because this disease should also have something to do with too many heavy metals in the body.

Are there side effects of the chelation therapy?

The majority of doctors talk about minor side effects of the chelation therapy. Here is a list of those effects:

  • Shivering even several hours after the therapy
  • Slight heart ache
  • Pain on the infusion area and on the arm
  • Dizziness
  • Growing pains and back pain
  • Temporary temperature increase
  • Fatigue and weight loss

Even if there are several positive experiences about chelation therapy there is also a german doctor who talks about more severe cases. If this doctor would be an advocate of modern medicine I would not mention him here because of prejudice and problems in being objective.

The name of the doctor is Dr. Dr. Max Daunderer who passed away in the year 2013. This man has uncovered the risks of toxification from amalgam fillings and also how flavors in our food are only pretending to be food and are nothing else than toxic substances.

Because of these important researches and the findings about chelation therapy I cannot let his information be unmentioned. This would be irresponsible to you and also not objective enough.

Mr Daunderer talks about the big dangers which happen when EDTA and DMPS are taken. It’s about kidney failure and also about irreparable brain poisoning which happened to 38 of 40 patients. This is called methylation of metals where metals make their way through the brain.

He also talks about EDTA being an absolute cheap production and that it was forbidden in the past because of its risks. Now it should be rediscovered by stingy doctors.

I just want to mention again that this is the only source which I found that talks so negatively about the chelation therapy. If you want to read the original source you can find it here however it is in German:

Reviews about Chelation Therapy

And now let’s come to all those reviews about the chelation therapy which are by the way all very positive. There is a website which also writes in a very negative way about this treatment but if you read further down the comments area you will realize that this negative article never should have been written.

All those comments are shattering for this untrue and false article, that’s what the readers say.

There is one person who writes that he tried to get a healing on the classic way for a very long time but he wasn’t able to be cured. At a much later date he found out that he suffers from a heavy metal toxification.

Afterwards he had received 10 chelation therapy sessions which had such a great influence on his well-being that he felt like a new-born completely free from any negative effects.

Another comment reports about a similar experience. Tinnitus, waggling and shaking of knee, arms and head should have gone completely. Memory and concentration shall be improved. Heartache and stinging should be a thing of the past.

A person which was suffering of depression, tiredness and headache should be freed of those complaints.

Moreover, there is even a scientific study for the chelation therapy that lasted 9 years where patients with heart attack were tested. The results show a significant improvement of the control group compared to the placebo group.

There are even more positive reviews about the chelation therapy which virtually destroy that negative blog post mentioned above.

And here is something interesting. It’s a video testimonial (in german however) about a patient suffering from high blood pressure. After 20 chelation infusions she should almost be in a condition where she doesn’t need any hypertension drugs anymore:

This patient is 80 years old and had severe problems with her heart, she was at risk of getting a heart attack. After getting a lot of chelation therapy sessions this and her eye problems should be gone permanently.

There are even more of these positive reviews but I think everyone can check for himself about them if you want to know more about it.

DIY chelation therapy

There is even a do-it-yourself chelation therapy. If you consider how expensive a chelation therapy is, namely $100-200 per infusion, you will surely search for alternatives.

Doctors say that there is the need of doing around 20 sessions of chelation therapy in order to get good results. This would equal to around $2000-4000. Ok, someone who is very sick, will surely not look at that price tag, even when health insurances don’t pay the costs.

But why shouldn’t you try it yourself if it is much cheaper and also works?

The diy chelation therapy will of course not work intravenously but orally.

A herb specialist has made a video about this. The ingredients are:

  • EDTA powder (take it with caution, read above)
  • MSM powder
  • Vitamin C powder
  • Baking soda
  • Water

Of every ingredient you should take around 1 teaspoon and pour it into one big glass (300 ml).

If you want to watch the video here it is:

Another completely natural method is this:

Cilantro leaves have the ability to remove both lead and mercury from the body. Additionally, this plant has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and has antioxidants.

This is used as a basis for a paste whose ingredients are as follows:

  • Coriander leaves
  • Spring onion
  • Garlic
  • Cannellini beans
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Olive oil
  • A bit of salt and lemon

All of this is mixed together to a paste which you take every day a few times with one teaspoon.

Have a look at the video if you want to understand it much better:

So, is there anything you want to know or share with others? Then just do it here in the comment section.

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