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Have you ever wondered why we fall sick? Have you ever wondered why there are so many new cases of cancer and other fatal diseases in this day of age even amidst all our medical advancements?

Have you ever wondered if you are able to control your body with your mind to prevent yourself from falling sick?

This alternative medical therapy that we are discussing here today is literally mind-boggling. Unlike various popular alternative medicine treatment which has their origins dating back over 2000 years ago, the alternative therapy that we are looking at today was only discovered twenty years ago.

In order for us to understand this very incredible alternative therapy, we need to first understand the story of the man behind this discovery.

Who discovered German New Medicine?


Twenty years ago, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer was the head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany. On a very unfortunate day in August 1978, Dr. Hamer received the horrible news of his son, Dirk, being shot while on a holiday in the Mediterranean.

Dirk subsequently died in December 1978. A few months later, Dr. Hamer, who had been healthy his entire life, was suddenly diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was devastated and in grief after his son’s passing.

He believed that his cancer diagnosis was related to his psychological and emotional state as a result of experiencing the sudden and tragic loss of his beloved son. Wanting to investigate further on the connection between body and mind, Dr. Hamer looked into the background of his cancer patients and discovered that all his patients experienced a period of extreme stress before they were diagnosed with cancer.

He believed that there is a connection between the mind and the body, and people who have experienced traumatic events were very likely to suffer from major illnesses afterward.

Dr. Hamer hypothesized that the brain is able to have absolute control over all parts of the body, including medical conditions pertaining to specific parts of the body.

He believed that when a person experiences a shock or trauma that catches him completely off-guard, it leads to a bodily response at the organ and tissue level. He proceeded to analyze the brain scans of his patients and compared them to each of their medical records.

His great discovery was that every single medical condition, including cancer, can be found to be controlled by a specific area of the brain. The medical condition was a result of a ‘conflict shock’ within the brain, upon experiencing psychological stress or trauma.

Based on his findings, Dr. Hamer drew up a scientific chart illustrating the biological relationship between the brain and specific organs and tissues found in the entire human body. He then came to call this “The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine”. More details can be found here:

Do you see how ground-breaking Dr. Hamer’s discovery is? If there is scientific evidence that shows the correlation of the functions of our brain to our body’s health condition, surely it would mean scientists and doctors would be able to come up with more targeted treatment to deal with specific medical issues.

It would also mean that the body is actually able to overcome the health conditions on its own since the brain is able to control very specific parts of the body and its well-being!

If we could prepare ourselves and avoid any highly stressful events or traumatic experiences, this could very well mean that we would no longer have to be worried about being inflicted with illnesses or any bodily afflictions!

In 1981, Dr. Hamer presented his findings to the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen. However, the University refused to accept his findings and even subsequently demanded that he deny his own findings.

Dr. Hamer’s findings were based on investigations carried out on thousands of his patients and he certainly could not have denied his own scientific discovery. Unfortunately, Dr Hamer was unable to receive support and recognition by the scientific and medical community.

They refused to recognize Dr Hamer’s findings as an official medical discovery. In addition, Dr Hamer was then stripped off his medical license and was never reinstated up to his death in 2017.

What are the Five Biological Laws of German Medicine?


First Biological Law

The First Biological Law is also known as the Iron Rule of Cancer. In memory of his son, Dr. Hamer called this the Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS). This law states that all illnesses, including cancer, occur as a result of an unanticipated event which is highly traumatic, also known as a biological shock or conflict shock. The First Biological Law is the cornerstone of the New German Medicine.

Second Biological Law

The Second Biological Law states that every disease is made up of two phases, namely the cold phase and the hot phase.

The cold phase is also known as the conflict active phase. This refers to the period of the disease from its beginning and the entire duration for as long as the person is experiencing conflict shock.

The hot phase is also known as the healing phase or restoration phase. This occurs when the healing has taken place and the conflict has been resolved.

It is believed that half of all diseases are discovered during the conflict active phase, and the other half are only discovered after the conflict has been resolved.

Third Biological Law

The Third Biological Law states that the effects on the bodily organs or tissues are dependent on how the person reacts to the traumatic or highly stressful experience.

The person’s reactions to the shock, on both the conscious and unconscious levels, are based on his personal beliefs, perceptions, and previous experiences in life.

This would then determine which part of the brain is affected by the shock, and which part of the body is subsequently affected.

Fourth Biological Law

The Forth Biological Law determines what kind of microbe (fungus, bacteria or virus) is involved in the hot or healing phase of the conflict.

The type of microbes is dependent upon what tissue or which organ was affected by the conflict.

Fifth Biological Law

The Fifth Biological Law is called the “Quintessence”. It helps us to understand the biological reason or necessity for the physical manifestation.

More details can be found here:

How does German New Medicine work?


The crux of German New Medicine is overcoming the conflict as stated in the First Biological Law in order to bring about healing to the body. This means it is essential to identify the conflict before working on resolving it.

It is, therefore, necessary to understand symptoms such as painful swelling, infections, fever, or inflammation in their psychological, biological and evolutionary context, so that we can find ways to relieve fear and avoid panic, and thereby preventing the onset of an illness.

More details can be found here:

Dr. Hamer stated in his scientific paper that therapy in the German New Medicine requires common sense. Therapy for any disease, including cancer, needs to start with eliminating the patient’s panic by explaining to the patient the pathogenesis and progression of his disease, something of which the patient is most likely already aware of.

Conventional treatment in the condition of cancer includes radiotherapy or chemotherapy, pain-relief through administering morphine and surgery that might involve affecting even the healthy tissue.

Dr Hamer’s discovery made him conclude that all these treatment methods are not doing any benefit to the patients, rather, doing harm and not being able to resolve the root issue of the medical condition. It is no wonder why the scientific and medical community refused to accept Dr Hamer’s findings since they are contradictory to current medical practices.

More information can be found here:

The practical application of the German New Medicine is the Biological Special Programme where the focus is on developing a deep awareness of every symptom, so that we can be in absolute control of the situation.

The main idea is that if we are able to quickly overcome any panic or fear, or prevent any new conflict shocks, we would be able to prevent new symptoms from surfacing, including new cancers. When we are liberated from fear, we would be able to completely focus on the work of conflict resolution.

Unfortunately, there is no blanket rule as to how to resolve a conflict specifically. The way of resolving every conflict depends on the unique individual and the circumstances that he is facing.

The faster the person can overcome the psychological and emotional conflict as a result of the shock, the sooner healing can take place. In the event that the complete removal of fear or shock is not possible, the focus would be on downgrading the intensity of the conflict.

This would involve creating a distraction for the patient, helping the patient to have a change in attitude, so as to reduce the symptoms on the organ level, thereby bringing about better bodily conditions for the healing to take place.

German New Medicine is, therefore, described not only as a new paradigm of medicine but rather, a new level of consciousness. It is having a heightened sense of awareness that our body possesses remarkable self-healing capabilities.

More information can be found here:


An example of cancer as a result of conflict shock


In his scientific paper, Dr. Hamer illustrated how breast cancer developed in a mother as a result of a conflict shock. The mother experienced a mother/child-worry conflict when her child ran into a car and was severely injured.

The mother was traumatized by the accident and blamed herself for the accident, thinking that it could have been prevented if only she had kept her son closer to her side. After the traumatic experience, the mother started developing symptoms including cold extremities, loss of sleep, loss of appetite and loss of weight.

This is classified as the conflict active phase where the mother suffered emotional and psychological stress and was unable to talk about her conflict, yet constantly thinking about what had happened.

During this conflict active phase, this patient developed multiplication of breast gland cells in her left breast, also known as breast cancer. In addition to the cancerous growth in her breast, it was discovered that the brain area in the right cerebellum, which controls the right breast, showed a sharp ring configuration which indicated the presence of a conflict activity.

The breast tumor would continue to grow as long as the mother still experienced the conflict. A resolution would only take place after the child fully recovered and when the mother was relieved of her stress and guilt. More information can be found here:

Based on this example, we realize that the breast cancer could have been prevented if the mother’s psyche and emotional state were addressed much earlier, to prevent the conflict shock from leading to the bodily changes at the organ and tissue levels.


Who is suitable to seek German New Medicine therapy?


Practically everyone is suitable to undergo the process of self-healing through familiarizing with the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine.

As long as you are open to exploring a new level of consciousness with the belief that your body is capable of self-healing, then you can reap the fascinating benefits of German New Medicine.

Applying the Laws of German New Medicine to our lives


Common cold

It is believed that when you start experiencing a heightened sense of smell and seems to constantly detect bad smells around you, it is the beginning of a conflict activity which leads to the common cold symptoms.

The symptoms of a runny nose, difficulty of breathing and irritability in the nose are a result of the brain experiencing a conflict. This biological response is a result of the brain getting into a fight-or-flight response which affects the nasal mucosal passages, therefore, resulting in the common cold.

Based on the laws of German New Medicine, this common cold is not actually caused by a viral or an infection, but from a conflict shock in a specific part of the brain.

However, if somebody else around you were experiencing this active conflict phase and sneezed at you, it could also spread to you. This is how family members tend to suffer from the same common cold symptoms at the same time.

When you resolve the conflict, the cold symptoms would naturally go away, therefore, achieving the goal of self-healing. More information can be found here:


Financial Woes


Some people facing financial difficulty may also suffer serious health issues. The fear of not being able to afford certain luxuries in life or even pay for the basic necessities may create very severe levels of stress in a person.

This results in a conflict shock, leading to bodily response at the organ and tissue level, which then leads to the person suffering poor health, constantly falling sick, or even discovering severe illnesses like cancer. However, this does not necessarily mean financial challenges would affect everyone the same way or cause poor health to all those struggling with their finances.

This is because everyone responds to conflict in different ways. Therefore, for a person whose self-image revolves largely on his financial strength, when he suffers a sudden loss of financial wealth, his body would manifest diseases, in respond to the conflict shock.

On the other hand, if the person’s self-worth and image is not heavily reliant on his financial wealth, even if he were to experience a sudden loss of financial wealth, he could still remain healthy. More information can be found here:

Unexplained weight gain


Events such as moving to a new neighborhood, moving to a new school, or having marital woes may lead to a feeling of isolation or abandonment. This could lead to a conflict shock. It is believed that such a conflict would be manifested at the kidney level where a blockage occurs in the kidney tubules, resulting in water retention.

This water retention thus leads to the unexplained weight gain. As long as the conflict continues, the weight gain will continue. More information can be found here:


Personal experience of German New Medicine Therapy


Neck and back pain


Kelly Lewis was experiencing constant pain in the neck and back and she sought relief through getting massages at least once a month. She came across German New Medicine and after a few rounds of consultation with her practitioner, she claimed that her lower back pain was easing, and so was her ability to turn her head without feeling pain in the neck. More information can be found here:


Liver cancer


BJ was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer in 2007, a year after undergoing surgery for a liver carcinoma. His doctors gave him a poop prognosis because surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not suitable treatment options due to the location of the node.

He came across German New Medicine and after seeking the help of Dr. Hamer, he received news that the growth of the liver cancer would not worsen anymore because it was actually in the healing phase of a resolved conflict.

At that moment of receiving the good news, he was no longer fearful of death and regained strength and positive outlook of his life, carrying on with the process of self-healing. More information can be found here:

Breast cancer

Silvia Herzig discovered she had a breast lump in her right breast during a health check in September 2003. A mammogram stated that it was indeed breast cancer.

However, she declined to go for a biopsy to determine if the breast cancer was benign of malignant. Instead, she turned to German New Medicine.

She began her own self-healing process by discovering what the conflict was through looking back at the events that happened as recorded in her diary.

She found out that her conflict active phase was from January to August 2003, right before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After resolving the conflict, she went for another check in January 2004 and discovered that she was cleared of the breast cancer.

More information can be found here:



Muhnwahr Merchant was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his knee in 2006. Through German New Medicine, he understood the psycho-biological cause of the disease.

Three months after the therapy, an X-ray confirmed that his arthritis was gone. More information can be found here:


Down syndrome


Anna was born with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder associated with the 21st chromosome pair. When Anna was four and a half years old, her parents sought help from Dr. Hamer to overcome their daughter’s genetic disorder.

During the German New Medicine therapy, Dr. Hamer discovered that the disorder was due to a hearing-conflict, which began when Anna’s mother was pregnant. She was constantly working throughout her pregnancy and was subjected to loud noises.

Baby Anna was also subjected to the loud noises because her father was a builder of church organs and constantly used the saw which created loud screeching noises. After completely removing those noises and creating a quiet environment for Anna, three months after seeking therapy with Dr Hamer, Anna’s mongoloid features, which are typical in Down Syndrome, had almost disappeared.

She was growing well and seemed to have fully overcome the Down Syndrome Disorder. More information can be found here:




German New Medicine is indeed a very fascinating alternative medicine treatment. I would say it is straight-forward yet complicated at the same time. It requires you to ditch your previous perceptions about conventional medical treatment and take on a new perspective and belief in the prowess of your own body to undergo a self-healing process.

It also requires you to be able to dig deep into past experiences to find out what exactly caused the conflict. If you keep an open mind, surely you will be able to benefit from German New Medicine therapy.

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