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Healing Touch – How our hands can bring a new lease of life to others




From the day babies are born, they desire the mother’s touch. Babies have been used to being cradled and snuggled in the mother’s womb for nine months, so much so that after they leave the comfort and safety of their mother’s womb, they very much desire the same feeling of closeness and intimacy with their mothers. Everyone knows the best way to soothe a crying baby is to cradle them. Yet it is not just babies who desire the human touch and develop a sense of love and security from it. The truth is, all of us do.

A simple touch can convey a thousand words. It could be giving a crying toddler a warm hug to reassure them of the parents’ love and to fend off any fear.

It could be a warm and firm handshake that breaks the ice between two strangers, and instantly creates a connection between them.

It could be an encouraging pat on the back to affirm the person of a job well done.

It could be a hand on the shoulder that conveys empathy and support to the person when words seem to get lost.

It could be holding the hands of an elderly person with dementia, to convey love and concern even though the person might have completely forgotten who you are.

Since a simple touch can be so powerful, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that the touch of hands can also bring about healing for bodily pains and various ailments. We have read before in the bible of Jesus’ healing touch on the sick and diseased, and even those with congenital illnesses. Thousands of years on, can mere mortals like ourselves also carry out healing upon the others with our bare hands? Let’s find out.


What is Healing Touch?


To date, healing touch therapy has been practiced in many hospitals and also churches. The origin of the practice of healing touch could be spiritual or with religion as the pretext, but the main thing about healing touch therapy is that it is an ‘energy therapy’.

It is believed that human beings are actually fields of energy. Each of us dissipates a certain level of energy which actually interacts with the people around us and also our environment. The purpose of healing touch therapy is to manipulate this energy interaction between the practitioner and the patient in order to restore the of energy flow within the patient’s system.

Healing touch therapy is not usually carried out as the cure for specific health conditions. Instead, it is used to complement other alternative medical treatment such as acupuncture, music therapy, massage therapy and even to complement conventional medical treatment, for example, chemotherapy in cancer treatment, to improve the overall wellbeing of the patient.

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Who is the founder of Healing Touch therapy?


The founder of healing touch therapy is a nurse named, Janet Mentgen. She started using energy-based care in her practice since the 1980s. Mentgen used healing touch therapy as a complementary medicine therapy to her patients. She found it useful in helping the patients recover faster from their medical conditions through the rebalancing and restoring of energy fields in the patient.

Mentgen subsequently developed a training program for healing touch therapy along with some of her colleagues, with the intention to spread the knowledge of healing touch therapy to more people, so more can benefit from this alternative medicine treatment to improve general health and wellbeing.

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How does Healing Touch therapy work?


Scientific research has shown that human touch can help to reduce anxiety in a person, lower the person’s heart rate, lower blood pressure and even reduce stress levels. The skin is after all the biggest organ in the human body. There are millions of receptors on the skin. A gentle touch will send messages through the activated nerve fibers to the brain.

Therefore, even a simple touch can evoke a big reaction. It could either cause someone to flinch and feel uncomfortable if touched in an unfriendly manner or from someone unwelcome; or it could indeed bring about feelings of security, comfort, and reassurance.

Part of the way healing touch therapy works is through the caring relationship between the practitioner and patient. Just like how one person can feel very comfortable and relaxed during a massage therapy, the experience of being in a healing touch therapy session can improve the sense of well-being and relaxation for the patient.

Similar to many types of alternative medicine treatment which is carried out with the objective of restoring a person’s energy flow within the body, healing touch therapy is also carried out based on the same principle.

The practitioner who is trained to manipulate the energy that is dissipated by the patient interacts with this energy field in order to increase the energy flow within the patient. The practitioner’s objective is also to overcome any blockages in the energy flow or to direct more energy from the environment to the patient. It is believed that this restoration of energy field will bring about healing and overcome the medical condition that the patient is facing.

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What happens during a Healing Touch therapy?


The patient either sits or lies down comfortably before the practitioner starts the treatment session. Some practitioners also play music in the background to create a more relaxing environment for the patient to relax and fully maximize the benefits of the healing touch therapy.

Before the practitioner proceeds with the healing touch therapy session, he would have to go through a short meditation where he gains absolute focus and concentration on his inner self, reaching a state of silence and stability. The practitioner also needs to connect with the energy fields with the surroundings before starting the therapy session. This is referred to as ‘centering’, a process where the practitioner prepares himself before conducting the therapy session.

The practitioner then needs to attune the patient, which means setting the objective of the session and the best condition that the patient can achieve.

During the healing touch therapy session, the practitioner will use his hands to assess the patient’s biofield. The patient remains fully clothed. The practitioner can even assess the patient’s energy field without direct contact with the patient’s skin. He would sense any imbalances or energy blockages in the form of heat, coldness, tingling, pressure, heaviness or lightness. More information can be found here:

The practitioner has to locate the energy blockages and then proceeds to clear them and restore the energy field of the patient. The hands of the practitioner are usually gently touching the required areas of the body or kept at a very short distance away.

One healing touch therapy session can last from 15 to 45 minutes. If the healing touch therapy is carried out in a religious context, the practitioner would also say prayers for the patient during the therapy.

Some patients feel nothing after the session but then discovers that their symptoms slowly disappear. Some patients experience sensations of energy moving within their body and deep relaxation. Some patients might even feel an emotional release and tear up during the healing touch therapy session.

The healing touch therapy is thus said to be a treatment that restores the balance among mind, body, and spirit.

There are times when symptoms of a particular condition actually worsen after a healing touch therapy session is carried out. It is believed to be part of the body restoring its energy field and hastening the recovery and healing process. More information can be found here:


What are the advantages of Healing Touch therapy?


The biggest advantage of healing touch therapy is that it’s non-invasive. In fact, without the involvement of advanced technology or machinery, the running costs for the practitioner are kept low, and therefore, creating a more affordable therapy.

Furthermore, the healing touch therapy can be carried out practically anywhere. All you need is a chair, a bed or even a sofa where the patient can sit or lie down comfortably, and where the practitioner can focus on the treatment process without distraction.

For those who are very sensitive to touch and do not enjoy being physically touched by strangers even for therapeutic purposes, healing touch therapy would also be suitable for you. Unlike massage therapy or acupuncture therapy where the skin has to be kept bare during the treatment session, healing touch therapy is carried out with the patient fully clothed.

In addition, since no medications are prescribed as part of the healing touch therapy, patients also do not have to worry about dealing with any drug allergy or medication side effects. This can be especially comforting to those who are already on long-term medications due to certain chronic medical conditions.

What are the benefits of Healing Touch therapy?


Healing touch therapy has been known to bring about the following benefits:

  • Stress reduction
  • Spiritual connection
  • Complementing conventional medical treatment
  • Reduced anxiety levels
  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Treatment for pain and sickness
  • Improve immune system
  • Improve functions of joints, muscles and nervous system
  • Improves overall personal wellbeing
  • Speeds up the recovery process after surgery and chemotherapy
  • Reduced chances of depression
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increase feelings of relaxation and calmness
  • Helps in recovery from trauma
  • Brings about peace to those in their final days

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Who is suitable for Healing Touch therapy?


Basically, everyone is suitable to receive healing touch therapy! As long as you keep an open-mind, and find a trained practitioner, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of healing touch therapy. Many patients with chronic illnesses and even those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer have found much relief through healing touch therapy.

Reviews of Healing Touch Therapy


  • Stress management

Molly has been suffering from panic attacks since young. She has always been prone to feelings of stress and anxiety which affect her performance at school when she was younger, and then at work. She came across healing touch therapy and after going through only one session of therapy, Molly felt much more relaxed and confident.

Molly has since been going for regular sessions along with other family members who have witnessed the positive changes in her through the healing touch therapy. She believes that the re-balancing of her energy field through the healing touch therapy has indeed helped her manage her stress levels much better as well as keep the panic attacks at bay.

More information can be found here:

  • Providing comfort and healing for chronically ill patients at a Children’s Hospital

Many children suffer chronic illnesses and congenital illnesses which means they have to seek regular treatment at the hospital. In this particular hospital, as shown in this YouTube video, we can see that many children are actually benefitting from healing touch therapy. One girl shares that she feels her pain has disappeared after the healing touch therapy session.

Baby Asher was born with congenital heart disease called hyperplastic left heart syndrome. He has gone through multiple surgeries for his condition. Healing touch therapy being non-invasive has become a preferred therapy for baby Asher.

Asher’s mum shares that her baby has indeed been calmer and comforted as a result of the healing touch therapy. There is also a feeling of positive energy in the room during the healing touch therapy session. It has been very beneficial for Asher in terms of pain removal and providing comfort to his small body.

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  • Multiple back problems and depression

Rhonda shares that she has been suffering from multiple ailments including back problems which she has been receiving treatment for many years. She was also suffering from postpartum depression, memory loss, anxiety, and insomnia. Rhonda was having problems in her marriage and also faced challenges in caring for her two children. Along with being plagued by her back problems, Rhonda was really down physically, emotionally, and mentally.

After two months of receiving healing touch therapy, Rhonda shares that she feels much happier, confident and more positive. The restoration of her energy fields has also helped her to get off her psychotropic medications. Rhonda says that healing touch therapy has indeed been a life-changing experience for her.

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  • Cancer

Healing touch combined with massage therapy can indeed help people to improve their health and overall well-being. Betty shares in this YouTube video that she assists patients who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy by providing them with healing touch therapy. Many patients diagnosed with cancer are not just dealing with the physical pain of the illness but also psychological and emotional trauma.

Patients and their family members can be affected emotionally and mentally when they have to face a serious medical condition. Dealing with cancer affects the patient’s daily activities and functioning capacities, as well as create financial burdens to the family because of the costly treatments.

Healing touch therapy uses bio-energy to help patients come to a stage of quietness and complete relaxation. This helps them recover faster from the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It also helps to lift their moods and increase their positivity so that they can carry on with life with greater confidence and hope:

  • Back Pain

Heidi shares in this YouTube video that she suffered back pain after encountering a car accident. Healing touch therapy helped her then, 15 years ago. More recently, Heidi suffered another car accident, this time much more severe. First responders actually had to saw the car parts in order to get Heidi out of the car.

Heidi underwent 9 back surgeries and was wheel-chair bound. She thought she was never going to walk again. But healing touch therapy has yet again proven to be beneficial to her. Heidi fully recovered and has regained complete mobility:



I don’t know about you, but I have to admit my pain threshold is very low. I’m also very afraid of needles and surgery. To have an option to improve a medical condition without using any invasive techniques sound wonderful to me.

In addition, healing touch therapy does not only just focus on overcoming a particular medical condition, it also helps to improve your overall well-being, increases positivity and connection with your inner self.

Indeed, this energy restoration seems to be very useful in creating better health and lifestyle for those who seek it. If you are keen and more importantly, keep an open mind, I’m sure you, too, will be able to reap the wonderful benefits of healing touch therapy.


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