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Spontaneous Healing – The Power Of Your Mind


It is known of several cases of remissions that occur spontaneously, without any medical intervention, coming to be considered as miracles. This phenomenon has been evidenced in cases of various pathologies, although with greater incidence in cancer patients.

Medical science advances every day providing more effective treatments to combat various pathologies, however, there is still much too really understand our wonderful human body in its entirety and how it works.

Medical studies claim that this phenomenon occurs at a very low rate, equivalent to 0.01% of all cases, but, it should be noted that this figure is debatable, as there is no certainty of cases in which there was spontaneous healing before the disease was diagnosed.

The self-healing capacity of the body has been one of the great enigmas of medical science; however, ancestral cultures have approached the subject since time immemorial. All the knowledge and ancient wisdom begin again to take strength in the treatment of diseases and its scientific understanding has revealed a new universe of possibilities to heal, this subject has stopped being full of superstitions to become real possibilities to cure diseases.

All human beings have a capacity for recovery that has been underestimated for years. The new canons of medicine are not limited to the treatment of symptoms, but focus on going further to understand, understand and treat the real origin of diseases, having an approach to traditional medicine, understanding, that they are not two aspects that run in parallel, but are two complementary ways of understanding the pathologies that afflict the individual.

The cases of spontaneous healing have been documented since the thirteenth century, with the case of the young priest Peregrine Laziozi, who had an injury to his leg due to cancer in the tibia, which led to an open lesion that became infected and for which his lower limb was to be amputated, however, this lesion improved to the point of disappearing completely and not returning to appear, this is why tumors that disappear by spontaneous healing are called “San Peregrino tumors”.

If we review the ancient medical literature it is possible to find several cases of healings without apparent explanation in diseases as varied as tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, syphilis, smallpox, diphtheria, gonorrhea, measles, among much other pathology which makes it clear that this is not a current phenomenon.

There is a well-documented correlation between infections and the apparently spontaneous healing process of tumors. In the middle of the 16th century in the papyrus of Ebers, attributed to Imhotep, an Egyptian doctor of great relevance in the world of medicine was documented the use of cataplasms and incisions to produce infections that resulted in a spontaneous remission of the tumor.

Do spontaneous cures respond to misunderstood abilities of our body?

Despite advances in the field of science that study the human body as a whole, there are still qualities that have not been fully understood, some of them remain a real mystery for experts.

There are countless cases of spontaneous remissions of tumors that until now have not been able to be explained because they have been about body mechanisms that are still under study.



In the video you can understand this topic a bit more:

Although this is a rare phenomenon, it happens and it is increasingly common to hear cases of people who have been healed of various pathologies through other alternatives that do not include any conventional medical treatment.

The immune system continues to amaze everyone, including the scholars of the subject, because it has been the key in the process of spontaneous healing of many people, behaving in a “strange” way to which it is accustomed.

However, this behavior outside of the usual is nothing more than those abilities still unknown to the body to defend itself, self-heal and preserve its health.

We must understand that the immune system is the main natural defense that the organism has to cure itself; this is carried out through methods such as fever, to eliminate from the body those agents that generate damage. It had been erroneously assumed for years that the role of this system was to defend against infectious agents.

However, in recent years, studies have shown that its capabilities go much further and that it intervenes in the healing processes of all pathologies, not only those of infectious origin.

Understanding the immune system and its functioning in a detailed manner is still the object of study for many researchers who manage to understand better and better the role that it plays in the process of illness – healing and its close correlation with the emotional activity of the person, as both are influenced by the other continuously finding themselves in a constant dynamic and interaction.

The complexity of its operation continues to amaze even the most experts in the field. It continues to represent a mystery that is still unveiled, that fascinates both people and strangers and that seems to be the key to spontaneous healing.

Andrew Weilmanaged to gather and synthesize the experience of 50 patients with cases of spontaneous healing; his book is full of interesting testimonies.

What role does the mind play in the process of spontaneous healing?

The role played by emotions and thoughts in the process of illness and healing is undeniable. In the last decades, the advances in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and neurology have been able to demonstrate the very important correlation that the psychic world of the individual has with its health-disease process.

Medical researchers have dedicated their lives to studying the way of spontaneous cures. For decades they have tried to replicate the results based on the scientific method, for which they have devoted an important amount of time and resources to understanding the circumstances of these cases, in order to understand what are the necessary conditions for the body to be able to heal itself without any intervention.

Everyone has reached a conclusion: our mind plays a key role in this process. Thoughts and emotions are capable of modifying the way in which diseases are perceived and can even modify genes and produce the necessary changes in the organism to combat various pathologie.

The mind offers a capacity for self-healing and incredible regeneration that all human beings have, only that we do not know how to access it or how to handle it.

Every illness brings a positive aspect to our psychic world, this, in most cases, is not obvious to the common people.

The disease is no more than a defense response of the unconscious to preserve its stability, it is, therefore, the result of an inadequate handling of unresolved emotions that afflict the person and that must be channeled through some means, as is the disease.

A similar approach to the understanding of diseases can be found in the New German Medicine.

To understand this better, it could be exemplified as follows: under the assumption of an individual who presents a severe case of low back pain that prevents him from performing his daily tasks that merits rest, a high level of stress is behind it. it has been known to manage properly, this is produced in turn by excessive demands that exceed their capabilities, demands that can even be self-imposed and that result in a great fear of not being able to cope with the responsibilities that they have. That unresolved conflict produced by fear needs to be drained in some way. The unconscious wisely then resorts to somatization, in order to have a “more acceptable” way to give it the rest it needs to preserve its integral state.

The permanent state of tension in which one is currently living produced by the over-information through media and hyperstimulation of all senses, represent the ideal conditions for the appearance of pathologies, while the unconscious tries to cope all this which in turn generates a serious discomfort for the impositions and demands that the environment strive to be better.

This state of constant stress and the inability to manage emotions properly result in the unconscious making use of one of its last resources to safeguard it, the disease.

Understanding all this, it is possible to understand then that spontaneous healing can occur through the awareness of unresolved emotional conflicts.

If we understand then, the cause of the disease can be accessed by a self-healing that does not involve any medical intervention.

The power of the mind in the healing process is a field that is only beginning to be understood in Western culture but whose influence is undeniable. Oriental cultures have been clear about this precept since antiquity, paying great attention to the psychic life of the individual to try to understand the disease, the reason for its appearance and determine the ideal treatment that is not only based on helping to fight the symptomatology but also in addressing what causes its origin to heal from emotions.

An example of this is Traditional Chinese Medicine, which in its origins had a preventive character, identifying symptoms of possible diseases through the observation of certain parts of the body. Watch this video:

Is immunotherapy the future of healing?

The immune system thus seems to be the key to the healing process. This is a promising field for future cures of various pathologies that affect human beings.

Infectious processes have been shown to stimulate the immune system to produce anti-pathogenic agents that help fight not only the infection caused but also other pathologies.

As strange as it may sound, “sick” more to the body can result in the cure of pathology of a previous existence. This has been verified scientifically in cases of cancer patients.

In the late nineteenth century, William Coley developed a therapeutic protocol based on infectious agents to cure cancer that consisted of the induction of fever through exposure of the person to toxins via blood, which stimulated the immune system, eliminating them completely from the system. To better understand this therapy you can take a look at this video:


Years of research in this field have yielded amazing results in relation to the role played by the immune system in the cure of various diseases, which is why it has become more relevant as an alternative treatment for various pathologies.

It is, therefore, a question of resorting to the self-sanctioning power of the body through the stimulation of the immune system, without any intervention of medicines to fight diseases but giving the organism the opportunity to make use of its capacities to heal itself.

This field represents a new universe of possibilities to understand the disease process and how we can enjoy using the resources our own body has to preserve their health.

How can we heal through our own abilities?

Understanding the importance of the immune system in the process of spontaneous healing and its correlation with the psychic world of individuals, there are some steps we can take to stimulate it:

  • The most important point lies in making the unconscious conscious. This is the key to being able to initiate a healing process.
  • Practicing activities that involve awareness of the body and emotions, such as yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation, among others, are of great help in the healing process.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet will help our body to be in its best state, together with an emotional wellbeing that translates into integral health for the person.
  • Reprogram the thoughts. This is possible through the awareness of the emotions that produce the thoughts.

Regardless of the activity that is carried out, the fundamental thing is the awareness of those emotional ailments that afflict the person, knowing them, understanding them and understanding them will serve to correct the damage caused at the psychic level and that are presenting themselves in the form of pathologies. of defense to be able to drain them in some way.

The power that the mind has in the healing process through a spontaneous healing is only beginning to be understood. To believe is to create, thoughts play a fundamental role in the health status of people, but they depend on the emotions that precede them.

Several scientific studies have been able to demonstrate the health implications of the placebo effect, that is, an irrefutable proof of the power of the mind to self-heal the body.

All human beings have capacities to be able to heal their emotions, which will translate into physical health; it is only a matter of learning to listen to oneself, to the language of the body and what is in the inner world. Recognizing, understanding and accepting emotions will allow you to express and heal them to alleviate those unresolved conflicts that result in the release of somatic manifestations that generate discomfort.

Dedicating time to introspection and self-knowledge can be the key to developing the capacity for self-healing that can result in a spontaneous healing of those pathologies that overwhelm the individual.

Does our body speak?

Each disease that afflicts the human being is the result of the combination of a series of specific factors that are needed for the appearance of any health condition. Beyond the external components that may be present, it is necessary to be aware of those intrinsic factors of the person that could be producing the appearance of a disease as a defense mechanism of his psychic world in an unconscious way.

This is easy to exemplify, taking as a reference a simple cold. We are all exposed to a common cold, but what causes a person to catch a cold and others do not?

It could be thought that factors such as the weather, not being properly dressed, getting wet in the rain, being in contact with someone sick, among others they are the causative factors of a cold, but why do not everyone get it? These questions have fascinated researchers for years, which after decades of observation and studies have come to the conclusion that there is a fundamental psychic component for the appearance of any pathology, whether transient or chronic.

The body has its own language and reflects the internal struggles that the person has and the illness is the result of their healing process. This language has the peculiarity of being unique for each person. The disease is often misunderstood and fought fiercely by conventional doctors to heal the person, without going beyond the obvious to try to understand the reason for it. The disease is not more than a mechanism of defense of the body to heal what happens at the psychic level.

Learning to listen to the body is fundamental in a process of spontaneous healing. In this sense, we can use the words of Dr. Gregg Braden in relation to spontaneous cures:


The conflicting emotional states of individuals who have not been healed can become pathology as somatization of the unresolved.

There are symptoms associated with psychological states in a conflict that have been widely documented by science, evidencing their relationship in the course of an illness. This has validated the knowledge contributed and managed by different cultures since ancient times. Inappropriate management or the excessive presences of emotions are related to the appearance of diseases. In this sense, the following examples can be mentioned among some of them:

  • The problems associated with the gastrointestinal system respond to worries and obsessions.
  • The respiratory system is affected by emotions associated with sadness, melancholy, and fears.
  • The urinary system is affected by fears and a sense of own identity.
  • The organs that are responsible for cleaning the body of toxins such as the liver and gallbladder are affected by anger and resentment.
  • The heart and small intestine are affected by states of excessive joy.
  • The head is affected by those emotions of excessive concern.
  • The neck when there are conflicts between what is wanted and what should be done.
  • The back when the loads are greater than the capacities that are had or when they are loaded with responsibilities that are not their own.
  • The feet and legs, when the stability of psychic integrity falters.

It should be noted that all human beings repeatedly experience all their emotions throughout their lives, but that is not the reason for the appearance of diseases. This only happens at the moment when the emotions are retained and not healed.

It is extremely important to learn to pay attention to what the body means in relation to the psychic world of the person, this may be the key to a spontaneous healing process.

Some real spontaneous healing testimonies

Understanding the capacity of self-healing of our body is still a somewhat complicated issue, however, there are cases that show that these qualities are true and that with our mind we can achieve a cure for what ails us.

Such is the case of a person who had a severe third-degree burn in one of his lower limbs caused by a boiling chicken broth. Despite the immense pain he felt, he says that began to use his internal tools and tried to relax and use techniques such as self-hypnosis, visualizations, and affirmations, focusing on healing, 3 weeks later and with just a little medical intervention he managed to heal his leg completely.

In the same way, there are countless testimonies of cardiac patients who, using the self-healing powers of our body, have achieved a significant improvement in their health status. Some of these cases can be read at

The power of our mind is incredible, it is capable of producing spontaneous healing in cases as complicated as cancer patients, testimony to this is the case of Dr. West, who attended a patient with advanced cancer who achieved healing through the power of thoughts, his case was documented in 1957 in the Journal of Projective Techniques. You can read about this and other cases at

At you can learn more about one of the most famous cases of spontaneous healing in the world, Sam, who at the age of 6 almost lost his life in a tragic accident that caused him many physical and mental complications and that throughout his life and through awareness was able to heal through the power of his mind.


What is the common factor?

The course of all diseases that afflict the human being brings with it a key factor for its appearance, common in all pathologies: stress. But what is stress? It is not more than the response of the body to external demands when they exceed their response capabilities.

However, it should be noted that stress has been erroneously demonized because it has a positive and key aspect of the daily performance of human beings. A minimum of stress is necessary to activate the responses of the person to the environment to be self-preserving, from the satisfaction of their basic needs to their interaction with others.

Stress as such is not negative, nor positive. It is only a neutral stimulus, necessary to activate the responses of individuals. The negative aspect appears when the own capacities to solve the external demands (although they can also be of a psychological nature), are surpassed in such a way that the level of stress increases or decreases.

Stress is a natural response that acts as a defense mechanism to safeguard the homeostatic state of the person.

When the factors involved in the psychic life of the person are involved in the natural course of stress, such as emotions, specifically fears, stress overflows, making it impossible for the individual to handle it, for which reason the unconscious resorts to one of its last weapons. to save yourself, the disease.

In Latin America, one of the institutes that have devoted more time and resources to the investigation of this phenomenon is the Delphi, where great advances have been made in the field of stress measurement and the study of it as a triggering factor of physical pathologies. They have even managed to code, through electro biological studies, the changes that occur at the brain level that lead to the onset of stress caused by the intervention of unresolved intrapsychic conflicts that result in diseases.

It is necessary to emphasize that stress as such is not the cause of any pathology; this is the most useful activation system that the organism possesses. The problem lies in the poor management of it and its appearance and permanence associated with conflicting emotional states unresolved.

Is it really something new?

Ancient civilizations knew the wonderful power of the mind in the process of spontaneous decoration. Their vision and understanding of the disease, very different from current conceptions, was based on the understanding and approach of the real motive of the illness, assuming this as the result of a compendium of a mismatch in the internal life of the person.

It is accepted, then, as a defense mechanism of the mind to solve the problems that afflict the individual. This conception of the disease has been widely spread in the oriental culture, however, in the West, it has just begun to take importance and it is increasingly evident for experts dedicated to studying this field the relationship between mind and body.

Being able to enter certain specific states of consciousness allows access to the process of self-healing, which can be understood as a spontaneous healing.

Ancient civilizations through their shamans, witch doctors and sages managed to induce the affected mental states that are currently known to be in a state of conscious reverie produced by the theta waves (waves of brain activity), which translates into a greater capacity for understanding, observation and understanding, both of the environment and of themselves.

This state generates the perfect conditions to be able to make conscious the unconscious and thus achieve healing the emotional conflicts that afflict the person, which translates into an improvement of their physical health, meaning even the healing of diseases that conventional medicine could not have healed under the use of regular health protocols.

So then, it is understandable to conclude that all human beings have the ability to self-heal, and can produce a case of spontaneous healing that does not respond to the logic established by medical science, because this process goes far beyond the obvious and palpable immersing himself fully in the psychic life of the person and the responsibility for it on the part of the individual.

Understanding emotions are the key to having good health, learning to recognize them, expressing them and managing them translates into an integrated health. In a world so convulsed that pushes more and more towards competitiveness and appearance it is necessary to pause and begin a journey of introspection that leads to self-knowledge, this will undoubtedly result in a state of integral health and access to one’s own abilities to heal without third-party intervention.

The spontaneous healing is seen and understood as miracles in many cases and each time science advances more in order to understand them. Beyond entering into the controversy between the differences between science and faith, it is time to unify criteria and understand that both are part of the reality of the person.

It is necessary to understand then that the human body as a whole is in itself a true miracle!




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