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I am sure you tried them all before. I am talking about those standard hair loss remedies which are called minoxidil or finasteride (Propecia). And I guess I know why you have landed here. They didn’t work or caused too many side effects or you don’t want to swallow chemicals, right? And now you want to try natural remedies for hair loss which work.


After all, we are all natural beings and nature surely will heal us all. Well, maybe it’s not as easy as that but nonetheless there could be something among the list which I have put together that could work to stop your hair loss. I have to admit however that I am also bald. Which doesn’t mean that the methods don’t work. Some are not so easy to implement that’s why I couldn’t apply them on myself.


But there are people who have made some positive experiences with some of them. And I guess most of you will never heard at least some of these natural hair loss techniques. Maybe there is also a solution for you. Some of them are almost to good to be true. But decide for yourself. Are you ready? This post will be very long, over 6000 words, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the reading.


1.    Amalgam Removal And Hair Loss

Do you know what amalgam is? It is very likely that you have it in your mouth. It is a material used for teeth fillings. Most of us have this in our teeth. And this is the problem. Did you know that amalgam has around 50% mercury in it? For those who don’t know this:


Mercury is the 6th most poisonous chemical element out of 1 million elements! Yes, you heard it right, it’s not a typo. And something like this is in our mouth??? So, you can imagine what this causes in our body. It causes a big list of different diseases. And among them there is also hair loss. Even a chemist admits that mercury can lead to hair loss which you can see in this very short video:



In case you don’t know if you have amalgam fillings or something different, this is how this silver-like metal looks like:


Amalgam fillings could cause hair loss


There are dentists who say that amalgam is not a problem because it is bonded with other elements in amalgam so it cannot fall off and get into the body. Does this sound logical to you? For me not. And the explanation is simple:


If you eat something a bit harder don’t you think that there will be a much higher grinding with amalgam? This will lead to some very small parts of the amalgam to fall off. Or if you drink something very hot, coffee or tea or whatever. The high temperature can cause the amalgam to be released in vapors.


Even if it is only in very tiny amounts, this will be enough to cause diseases. If you swallow higher amounts you will die, so small amounts will “only” make you sick. I think the above mentioned makes some sense for all of you. But to really know if there is a connection between hair loss and amalgam I have simply done a mini survey to my friends. I asked all of my bald and hair losing friends if they have amalgam in their teeth. The result was shocking: All of them said, yes, they have it in their mouth! But I also asked some of my full hair friends:


They said we have teeth fillings but not amalgam, it was something white. It looks even much better and doesn’t have the deadly mercury in it. Isn’t this finding by doing this small survey interesting? How about if you do the same? Ask all your friends with hair loss and with full hair if they have or had amalgam fillings in their teeth. It would be great if you could send me the results so that we have a bigger database.


The bigger the database is the more probable the theory of amalgam causing hair loss gets a fact. Please keep in mind: If you don’t have amalgam anymore but used to have it in the past, this could also be the reason for your hair loss (and a lot of other diseases). If amalgam is removed it must be done with very high caution.


If the amalgam removal is done unprofessionally it can lead to bigger health problems than before! Find a good dentist who will do the followings when removing your amalgam:


  • Using an amalgam separator in order to prevent the removed amalgam to spread in the mouth which can cause severe diseases including hair loss
  • Using an air filtration system in order to remove amalgam vapors and particles
  • As a patient you should get chlorella or charcoal before the removal so that pieces of amalgam which get into your body are bound by these two substances


These are the most important points which should be done by the dentist. If your dentist says they don’t use it and have great success with it run as fast as you can (or if you called him press the red button as fast as you can).

What Happens After Amalgam Removal

And after you are freed from the poison in your mouth you are completely healthy? Unfortunately, no. The problem you have is that this mercury has disposed itself in your body. It is in your tissue, in the brain and it can be in your gut. That’s why people having their amalgam removed are not always happy with their health condition.


They still have hair loss or a lot of other diseases. And that’s why you have to detox your body after the removal. This is possible with a natural and a chemical stuff. For all the naturals among you, you have to take according to the renowned detox expert Dr. Klinghardt:

  • Chlorella pills or powder (the latter is stronger)


These are chlorella pills


  • To support this, you can take wild garlic


This is wild garlic

  • Additionally, take some cilantro


Cilantro looks like this.


You can have a more detailed explanation of this detox on this page (


There is a guy on Youtube called Stefan James who is recommending a different approach. He says that taking cilantro is even dangerous because it can contain some heavy metals which it has attracted from the surrounding. His approach:


  • Take 12,5 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) per day in oral form every 3-4 hours for three days
  • Take 12,5 mg DMSA per day in oral form every 3-4 hours



If you don’t do it every 3 hours you are in danger because the mercury can spread through your whole body, he says. After these 3 days you need 3 days rest. Then  you continue and increase the dose step by step. Here is the original video:



This detox phase however can take a lot of time. It depends how strong your body was poisoned by all those heavy metals, so it’s not only mercury. The other heavy metals can come from the air you breath (do you think it’s air that you breath…?), the things you eat which pretend to be real food, your toothpaste and so forth.

Anyone Who Can Show Testimonials?

I guess this is the most interesting part, isn’t it? It makes no sense to read about the great benefits about something if no one can report anything positive, right? And this is the problem here. Very interestingly, there are only very few reviews about how effective amalgam removal is for stopping hair loss or for regrowing hair.


I have however found some posts on some forums where some people talk about how their hair has regrown after they had their amalgam fillings removed. I also found a facebook group called mercury poisoning and heavy metal detox where two members talked about having their hair loss stopped after they had their amalgams removed but strangely the posts have been deleted. You can check for yourself here if you want:


You can read the other posts about hair loss and stopping it here: (Read the post by “Birdlady”) (Read the very first post by “YoYoYo”)   But I have also found a video on Youtube where Vera Peiffer, an expert in this field of losing hair through amalgam fillings, talks about this topic:



  Sometimes I think people are posting their great success after they are freed from their amalgam but it is taken out of the internet. It is too suspicious not to find any reviews. Don’t you think so? Or not a lot of people have tried it out yet. If you want to make this step, please tell us about your progress, it is important to know for all of us!

2.    Paida Lajin On Your Head Aka Slapping Your Head To Get Your Hair Back

Can you imagine this? There is indeed an old Chinese therapy which involves slapping areas of your body to heal diseases. I have written an article about paida lajin where people heal hypertension or diabetes among others, it’s incredible.


This slapping is done to release toxins and heavy metals from your body which shows itself as a blueish purple color on your skin. This really looks like if someone has hit you hard so that an inner bleeding occurred. But that’s not the case.


This color is the release of all the unwanted stuff in your body. The same principle was done by some old guy who has slapped his head to heal some kind of disease. As a side effect he could see some new hairs appearing on his head. Eager to experiment I also did this on myself. I did this almost every day for a duration of around 1.5 month. However, to be honest, I couldn’t see any positive effect.


A testimonial who shows hair regrowth success?

Yes, as told above, there is this old man who did this and could apparently see new hair. But it’s better you decide for yourself if this really looks good or not:



Maybe you would like to slap some on your head too to see if paida lajin is effective against hair loss?



3.    New Hairs Through Cupping Therapy or By Sucking Your Head

I don’t know if you have heard about it or not, but this cupping therapy which is also called hijama is becoming more popular these times. It’s a very old therapy which dates back around 3.000 years ago. In TCM cupping therapy plays an important role. But also in the Islamic community it is much more frequently used that in our Western part of this world.


I have an interesting article about cupping therapy with all its amazing health benefits and how it can cure a lot of diseases. Basically, it works just like paida lajin. The aim is to free the body from all the toxins, heavy metals and other bad stuff in your body. But this time we don’t slap, no, we suck. Suck? Yes, with the help of some plastic cups (formerly it was glas respectively some still use glas) and a small pistol you put the cups on the area which should be healed and suck out the air so that a vacuum is caused. This enables the cup to stick to that body part. And this is how it looks:


So, how can it help to regrow hair or to at least stop hair loss? Well, there are some clever guys who thought that hair loss must have something to do with too much toxins in your head area. Thus, let’s simply use cupping therapy on our head and suck off all the bad blood.


This way we can get rid of the stuff which causes hair loss. New fresh blood will then go to the places where hairs almost died out and nourish them with fresh, oxygen rich blood which caries all the nutrients needed to get new healthy hair. In theory this sounds great, right?


I wanted to try this one out on myself too but the problem is that you have to do it long term. Just doing it 1 to 2 times is not enough I think. I tried it but I guess it was simply not sufficient. I would like to do it for a longer period of time but can you guess how your body looks like after cupping therapy?


It’s full of red spots and on your head these spots are even swollen. The only way you can go out among people is when you put on something like a hat or a cap. So far, unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to do that, thus, I cannot tell you how effective it was for hair regrowth or hair loss. But luckily we have Youtube to check if there are any cupping therapy reviews used for hair loss:



Cupping Therapy Testimonials for People with Hair Loss

So, can you find any video reviews of the cupping therapy having a positive effect on hair loss? I have found some! Unfortunately, these are non-English videos.


You can’t understand one word but you see how the therapy is done on the head. In the description of this video however you can read the success rate of this therapy. I don’t know it that can be true but it sounds almost too good (at 3:23 you see a before-after-image):






Again, a video not in English but if you go to point 3:23 you can see an before-after-picture of the cupping therapy for hair loss. It again looks quite good. If I could find this guy I would let him do this on my head too just to see what happens. Anyone understand what he is talking about?


There is another guy on quora who claims that after 2 hijama treatments he could stop his hair loss after around 45 days. The quality of his hair should also be improved. And that report is from this year 2019! So, apparently this cupping therapy for hair loss treatment seems to work for some of us. Would you also like to try this out? I can calm you down, it doesn’t hurt as much as it looks like ?


4.         Pinching Scalp Technique to Get New Hair


This technique is also called detumescene method and it involves pinching your scalp for a long time (over 6 months and then another 6 months). Actually, what’s interesting is the fact that a scientific study has been made using this pinching scalp method.

It was done in the year 2012 in the University of Hong Kong by H. Choy. The original source to the paper can be found here.


In this paper Choy talks about different head shapes. He says that bald people or people with hair loss do have a stronger dome shaped head. The more it is dome shaped the more progressed the hair loss is.


Moreover, he claims that the hair follicles in that area do have more grease in them. This hinders them to take all the nutrients from the blood.


One reason for this are the sleep positions we use. Whenever we do sleep no pressure at all is carried on the forehead and above our head. All the other parts of our head do get pressure because we lie with our head on the left, on the right or with our back head on the pillow. This pressure causes more blood to flow through those areas, he says.


One way to get rid of this dome shape is to do this pinching method on our head. This pinching is done in a quite firm way after a 3 minute warm-up massage. Pinching your head enables the grease or sebum to stream out of the follicles. If you reach this phase you will also get a flat shaped head again and much more hair back!



Here is someone who shows you how he is doing it:


This is what the paper tells us. According to Choy most of the probands got 90% of their hair back. An astonishing number!


I also went through this whole method. I did this massage technique on my scalp rigorously for about half a year. At first I thought I get some hairs back. But these new hairs were very thin and very small in number. That’s why I had to stop continuing this detumescene technique.


I learned in forums that this would work for some but for others it can cause mostly nothing. However, I cannot provide you with any statistical data concerning the effectiveness of this method. The only thing I noticed very strongly was that my remaining hairs grew much faster than before. So, apparently, something really happened to my hairs but not what I wanted.



Are There Any Testimonials About The Pinching Technique


One review about the detumescene technique was mine which was unfortunately negative. But if this method seems to work for some people where are those guys then?


Well, I couldn’t find any reviews on Youtube which to my mind is already quite unusual but it can happen.


Another guy who apparently had good results is someone on the blog JDMoyer. You can see in his before-after-pictures that his hair was getting weak, however, it was still in good shape to my mind. He used this method on himself for quite a long time, I think over 9 months or so and got some visible results, although it doesn’t look so astonishing.


Unfortunately, the article where he wrote about his progress is not free anymore. He wants a small fee of $3.


Could you try this method out? What was your experiences with it? Share it in the comment section.


5. Doing Headstands to Stop Hair Loss


If you can do a headstand you will most probably be a quite fit and athletic guy. And there are even some people around who are using this headstand to stop hair loss or even regrow hair.


Is that even possible or just a joke?


headstand to stop hair loss or grow new hair

This headstand is used by some to stop hair loss or grow new hair. Is that really possible?

Well, if we look closer at what happens when you do a headstand then this might sound much more plausible to you.


When doing a headstand it is said that blood flow begins to be stronger especially in your upper head area.


In alternative medicine hair loss can also be caused due to low blood flow in your scalp area. This causes hairs to fall out as no oxygen and no nutrients go to the hair follicles which are however needed for healthy hair growth.


So, why not simply do a headstand for a certain time and let blood flow to your scalp? This way your scalp will get all its missing requirements needed to let your hairs grow in a healthy way.


The question is for how long should you do it? The talk is from anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. The latter is something not everyone could do I think. Doing a headstand at all is difficult. Most of us would do it using a wall as a help. This way it can be accomplished in a much easier way.


But even using a wall to do a headstand could be challenging for most of us. What about people suffering from overweight and having hair loss or baldness at the same time? These people will have severe difficulties doing a headstand, and 30 minutes? No way.


That’s why there is even an easier way to do a headstand-like technique. It’s very simple.


Simply use a bed and hang out with your body on the edge in a way that your head shows to the ground. Or in other words: You must lie down so you see everything upside down.


If you do this blood flow will still go to your scalp area and this can still benefit your hairs with more nutrients and oxygen.


But for all of you who want to do the headstand with its full potential then using an inversion table could be the right thing for you. This gadget is a great way to hang upside down without any effort. And it will simply turn 180 degrees so that your head will be there where normally your feet are.

Inversion table to use against hair loss

Here you can see how easily you can bring your head upside down and cause more blood flow to your scalp.


This table has also other great health benefits. There are great reviews for this on Amazon.


Sounds great this technique, right?

So, where are all those who have full hair using this headstand technique?


Headstand to stop hair loss – Any Reviews?


After doing some research on the internet I found about the inversion method using that inversion table mentioned above. There is a guy called Andy Bryans who should have done a study with some participants using his inversion method.


According to the website where I could read about this study it is claimed that 70% of all hair loss sufferers could stop their hair loss and 50% could regrow their hair within 3-6 months.


Using this inversion technique long term, which means 3 years, participants could apparently recover 75% of their hair.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find the source of this study anywhere else and moreover I could only see it on this webpage


There is also a guy on Youtube who posted some videos on the development of his hair regrowth using the headstand technique. The problem is that this guy, called
Dmitry Tamoikin, already had quite good hair so the progress of this inversion method cannot be seen so well to my mind.


But if you want to decide you can have a look at this video yourself:



Another guy having used the headstand technique talks about his progress but unfortunately in another language. You cannot understand it unless you are from India I think. What I don’t comprehend is why those people use English titles in their videos when they don’t talk English at all???


Anyway, the video I mean is this one:



What about you? Could you make some experiences with the headstand technique to stop your hair loss? Or would you do it? Let us know in the comment section.


6. Using The Dermaroller to Regrow New Hair


Have you ever heard about a sweet and small device with needles on it that especially women are using to become even more beautiful? No? I guessed it, because most probably you are not a woman, right?

This small thing is called dermaroller and the technique you use has the name microneedling.

And this is how it looks like:

dermaroller for hair loss

I hope you are not scared by all the tiny needles. They don’t hurt, trust me, because I tried it out.


How does the dermaroller work?


The small needles are rolled over the skin horizontally and vertically. Because the needles are not very large in size they only enter a certain depth of the skin. Thus, a superficial bleeding occurs which doesn’t have to be visible on the outside of the skin.


However, this has a very interesting effect. The skin begins to start its wound healing process. And here begins the part where it becomes essential for hair loss. Together with this, new blood vessels are created. New blood vessels are always needed when you want health hair. New blood means more minerals and oxygen, the two indispensable ingredients for hair.

Moreover, more collagen is also another substance that is produced which is needed to let wrinkles and pimples disappear. This is not so important for all of you hair loss sufferers but you should know that the dermaroller is normally used to get rid of acne and wrinkles. It’s a method for women to become more beautiful which doesn’t mean that you as a man shouldn’t use it.


Are there any dermaroller results for hair loss?


Ok, its time again to see if this dermaroller thing really works for hair regrowth. On YouTube I found a very interesting video where a guy has collected several results where guys could significantly regrow their hair with a dermaroller within anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

However, all of them used this dermaroller together with another substance which doesn’t have a good reputation. They all used it with monixidil. Most of you know it or have even used it on themselves. I also have used it but not with a dermaroller. I could not see any positive results from it.

But apparently when minoxidil enters deeper areas of the skin it works better. But have a look for yourself, it definitly seems to be worth seeing:


When I saw this video I really thought, wow, what great results, unbelievable. If this minoxidil didn’t have those negative effects I would definitely go for it.


But there is also another guy who used a dermaroller for a whole one year. And he shows his progress with different images. Plus, he didn’t use any kind of additional chemical stuff like minoxidil. His results are not as good as the ones in the above video but nonetheless a visible progress can be seen (jump to 3:00 min. to see the comparing images):



He also says that you have to be fast because already lost hairs cannot come back. He could only make his present hairs thicker and healthier, that’s all.


There are dermarollers with different needle lengths out there. People seem to use anything from 1mm to 1.5 mm.


Would you like to begin with the dermaroller to stop your hair loss? Write your thoughts down in the comment section.


7. Rubbing Your Nails to Stop Hair Loss


Do you think I am kidding here? No, actually not. And whenever I do this nail rubbing, I can feel some kind of sensation on my head. It’s strange, but that’s really the case.

This hair loss technique is an old Indian health method and is also called balayam.

You simply have to rub your finger nails together (caution: not thumb nails) and do this for around 10-15 minutes. But I also saw a guy on YouTube who did this for a whole hour (omg!).

balayam for hair loss

This is how you should rub your nails to get rid of hair loss or even regrow new hair. For some it worked!



The question is why should this help to stop hair loss?

This nail rubbing causes that more blood flows to the your scalp. That’s why you also feel something on top of your head when you begin rubbing your nails.

It is however recommended not to do this technique when you suffer from hypertension. Rubbing your nails causes the blood flow to increase, and that’s only possible if the blood pressure increases too.


Any results which can show that nail rubbing for hair loss works?


Yes, there are. I found one video which is unfortunately in Indian again (with an English title 😐 ). However, we are interested in the results of balayam. And if this is true what I see here, then this is incredible!

Unfortunately, I cannot understand for how long he did this. Maybe someone of you can help out with this language:




Another guy is not so optimistic. He could “only” stop his progressed hair loss. On the video it doesn’t look too promising, as told because he couldn’t regrow any new hair. By the way, He did that 1,5 years and 1 hour every day. That’s really a lot due to the fact that he could not get any new hair:



The above video really looks promising. For those of you who still have enough hair on your head rubbing nails seems to be a great and cost free solution. I would go for it, wouldn’t you?


8. Onion Juice for Hair Regrowth


Yes, it tastes great on almost any meal but we also know that it stinks as much as it tastes. Can you imagine to use onions on your scalp for several weeks or even months? There are people out there who are disgusted by the smell alone and think that this is a kind of crazy hair loss remedy.

But fortunately, there are still people out there who are so out of their mind that they would try everything to get their hair back.

The question here is why should onions help to stop hair loss?

If we have a deeper look inside an onion we get to know that it is very rich in sulfur. It’s an important mineral for the human body and a deficit can cause hair loss.

Can onion juice really help getting new hair?


If you want to use the onions with the highest amount of sulfur use the yellow onions.

And by the way, there is a solution to get rid of the bad odor that these onions come along with. Simply use some lemon oil. Just 2-3 drops should be enough. People are also using simple lemons for that. Just put some lemon juice inside the onion juice and the smell will decrease tremendously.

If you want to apply this remedy you have to let the onion juice on your head for at least one hour but there are also guys out there who let it on for the whole night while they sleep.


Are There Any Results Showing Hair Regrowth After Applying Onion Juice?


Now, it gets interesting. All this stinking torments on your head and then for nothing?

Well, I have come across an interesting video where a bald guy talks about onion juice as a hair regrowth treatment. He also did his research on the web and found out that people are just “thinking” that they get new hair after a certain time.

He also did a scientific research to see if there is any study done for onion juice and using it to fight hair loss. He only discovered that it helped with Alopecia Areata which is hair loss on some spots of your hair. He couldn’t find any study to support the “claim” that onion juice works for regrowing hair.

In the last section of his video he even puts some onion juice on his head and feels very uncomfortable because of the bad odor. In the end he says he cannot believe that this would ever work.

So, it doesn’t work, right? Well, if you check out all his comments under his video you will see that a lot of people (yes, even guys) say something completely different. They report great success with onion juice and some of them even talk about hair regrowth and not only stopping hair loss.

I have copied some of the comments here but you can also check the original video:

And here is the video of “Baldcafe”:



If you want to apply this remedy you have to let the onion juice on your head for at least one hour but there are also guys out there who let it on for the whole night while they sleep.


I also found another guy who had quite good results with getting his hair back with the use of onion juice. Then he stopped applying and within a few months he was confronted with another wave of hair loss again. Go and check out his YouTube channel, I guess it is worth looking at it.

Another important thing which I want to mention is that sulfur can be found in another stuff too. It is called MSM. A study was done on bald mice where MSM together with vitamin C was given. The results were as good as the results you get with Minoxidil.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any videos where people talk about their hair loss results using MSM.

Maybe just using MSM would be an option for you, or would you do the thing for real men that is real fresh and nice smelling onion juice? Tell me in the comment section.


9. DMSO for Hair Regrowth


This stuff has an inexpressible name, it stands for dimethyl sulfoxide. And I guess you never heard of this before. Normally, dmso is used for other things, especially for getting immediate pain relief. Most people are getting insane results from it. But that’s another topic, we want to know if it can help stopping hair loss or even get your hair back.


First of all, where does this dmso come from? It is a natural product which you find inside of trees. To be exact it is derived from wood pulp. It has the property to bind with water and change the structure of it. It is anti-inflammatory and reduces free radicals.

dmso for hair loss

DMSO comes from trees. Can the healing power of dmso even stop hair loss?


So, when it enters the cells, which have plenty of water, it starts to repair the cells from inside and flushes out all the toxins out of the cells.

You can get dmso from anywhere it doesn’t cost much. One thing to know about dmso however is that it smells strongly after you use it on or in your body. People report about smelling after garlic. You can strongly reduce the odor when you mix some lemon juice to dmso.

Another important information: Be careful if you use it on your body. It takes everything inside you. So, if your skin is not clean or if you have chemicals on it the dmso will carry it inside your body. Even the stuff in your clothes will be carried inside you. So, after you applied it on your skin don’t put anything on that area for about 30 minutes.


Any Results Where DMSO Helps For Hair Regrowth?


Unfortunately, you cannot find any real results where the effectiveness of dmso helps against hair loss. There is only one woman who is an alternative medical practioner on Youtube. She reports about some great results where especially women stop hair loss or get their hair back with dmso.

However, please note that she is also selling some dmso hair product. Nonetheless, she sounds quite authentic and honest. Have a look at it yourself, but it’s a very long video:



What do you think about dmso for fighting hair loss? Would you try it out?


10. Stopping Hair Loss With German New Medicine or Spontaneous Healing


I didn’t want to let this one out. It is the strangest kind of healing method but unfortunately I couldn’t find any people who could get their hair back or at least stop their hair loss with it.

The German New Medicine has its name from the doctor Dr. Ryke Harmer who died in the year 2017. According to his findings every disease has its root in certain conflicts which couldn’t be solved by the patient. However, this conflict based view is only valid if the patient has no injuries, poisonings or nutrition deficiencies.


Let’s come back to hair loss and try to understand it under the explanation of this theory.

First, you have to find out when you had the hair loss for the first time. It’s important to locate the right time when this happened in the past. This is one of the difficult parts to my mind. You have to listen deeply inside yourself and try to discover the possible cause.

One technique to find the conflict is to enter a deep relaxing state. Everyone of us enters this relaxed situation shortly before we fall asleep or immediately when we wake up. In those times you have to ask yourself “What is the cause of my hair loss?”.

Shortly before we fall asleep or after we wake up ask yourself the question “What is the cause for my hair loss?”. You most probably will get an answer!


Most probably your intuition will give you some answers and maybe this will already help you in knowing the reason for your hair loss. Write these answers down even if they are strange and cryptical so you don’t forget them.



In the case of hair loss it is often said in the New Medicine that there must be a kind of separation conflict. If you were separated by someone you like or love the skin responds with certain symptoms. For some it can be a skin disease, for others it can be losing your hair.


But even if you discovered your conflict the question is how you can solve it?


In order to solve this you have to deal with it. It’s not an easy task but people tend to not accept certain negative things in their life. Accepting the truth is one important part of solving the conflict.


But there is also a different, very mysterious way of sorting out the conflict. It’s called soul writing.


In soul writing you write down the incident which caused your hair loss in a way that it causes a positive feeling. if that happens you most probably stopped your hair loss.

With this method you can write down the incident which caused the conflict in a different way. Just like you would do when you had to write the script for a movie. You rewrite the incident so that the conflict would never happen. The incident must be written in such a way that you would like it and which would not cause any kind of discomfort for you.

I know what you think: You say that this is not the truth, it happened differently. However, this is not important. It’s more important that it becomes your reality. Reality means that it effects you as if it was real. And when this happens your body will respond to it by healing the disease.


That’s the theory, but as told, I couldn’t find even one case where someone could get his hair back.

Maybe you can try it out and report your experience?


How did you find this long and detailed hair loss article? If you liked it please share it with your friends on instagram, facebook and twitter. And please let me know what you think or tell me about your experiences here in the comment section.




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