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If I tell you that there are hundreds of people nowadays, stretching in various poses and slapping certain regions of their bodies to heal themselves, you would probably scoff at me, and look at me with disbelief.

However, it is quite true, and the people doing this are actually practicing an age-old Chinese technique called Paida Lajin.

General Information

Paida Lajin literally means ‘beat-pull’ and it involves slapping the body until bruised, stretching and fasting for days. Paida means patting (‘pai’ in Chinese) and slapping (‘da’) one’s skin while lajin involves assuming various postures to stretch one’s muscles. This is done to detoxify the body of long held toxins, or poisoned blood (sha). It is believed that this technique can ‘pull’ the toxins out of the body by stretching and slapping.


Origin of Paida Lajin

This technique was developed and promoted by Hongchi Xiao, a Chinese therapist, based on traditional Chinese medicine, along with Taoist and Buddhist principles. It rose to popularity first in China but is now being practiced worldwide.


How Does Paida Lajin Work?

Paida Lajin is performed by hand, or by using tools such as paddles and a lajin bench.

The basic theory is that every disease, even minor ones, are complex diseases caused by the accumulation of sha in the body. The concept of the Paida Lajin method, first of all, to ignore the disease name. All diseases are complex diseases. Even a mild cold or cough is a complex disease. To put it another way, all diseases, including cold and fever, are disorders of the immune system, not to mention various chronic diseases that are aggregated manifestations of many illnesses. The theory follows that slapping and stretching cleanses the body by bringing out the sha. If sha appears, it means there are underlying diseases in the body. If the body is healthy, no sha would appear.

Hippocrates, Father of Western medicine, repeatedly stressed that the body contains within itself the power to re-balance and heal itself. The duty of a doctor is to try as much as possible to mobilize this power, and not to take its place. This is an ancient interpretation of self-healing. Paida is also a natural diagnostic method. In ancient times, it was called Diao Shang (revealing old injuries)’ that is slapping to reveal and heal the injuries and diseases in the body. Where there is no health problem, nothing will be revealed.

Paida lajin brings out sha, thus purifying the body, accelerating the self healing process possessed by all living beings – plants and animals alike, and curing it of its complex diseases.


Diseases cured by Paida Lajin

Paida Lajin is believed to cure or ease the symptoms of

  • Cold
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Strokes
  • Paralysis
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Common pains, including leg pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, hand pain, neck pain, etc.
  • Organ pains, including headache, stomach ache, liver pain, gall bladder pain, menstrual (period) pain, toothache, etc.
  • Cold-induced fever
  • Coughing
  • Headache and fatigue
  • Problems with the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, and other ENT diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Pediatric diseases
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Chronic diseases
  • Rare and critical diseases


Method of practicing Paida Lajin

The method might seem extreme to many, but if you have the heart to try it out, here’s how you can.

You need to vigorously slap various parts of your body, particularly joint areas and the head, until your skin turns red or starts looking bruised.

Some can go on to do stretches while lying down on tables or on the floor, against walls, or against doorframes.


Mr Xiao claims that when ‘sha’ appears, it is an indication of latent or underlying diseases.

Critics, however, say this only results in broken blood vessels and bruising of the skin.

If you’re still interested in trying it out and would like to read which areas to specifically target for different diseases, you can read them here –


From Xiao himself

Hear what the founder Hongchi Xiao himself has to say about it:



Paida Lajin Reviews


1) BBC’s Pamela Koh underwent the therapy for her knees, and here’s her experience of it

“I sat on a short stool facing the healer, a middle-aged Chinese man brandishing a bundle of hard rattan and bamboo.

He felt around my knee for where he thought the ‘little clots’ were and without warning, forcefully whacked my knee. He aimed for exactly the same spot each time. It was excruciating. I yelled in surprise. The bruises turned purple quickly and minutes later, I had to halt the blows.

The beating needed to continue for at least 20 minutes to be effective, I was told. I gritted my teeth between the sharp, swift blows but I had to tell him to stop. He resumed until it became unbearable again and I tried to sit through the full 20 minutes of pain.

The bruises took weeks to heal. I am unsure if the knee healed from being ‘beaten’ with a bamboo stick or if the body naturally heals itself over time. It certainly, however, is not for the faint-hearted and even though the knee got better, I would not go back in a hurry.”

You can read the full account here –


2) Another Indian patient who got cured of cancer tells her story

“My name is Miss Archana Kadam. I was suffering from severe backache and right leg pain for nearly one year since 2008. I was treated by orthopaedic doctor in Dahanu and given medication to relieve my pain but did not have any relief.

MRI diagnosis revealed that my spinal cord in L-4 and L-5 had an osteo-blastoma tumour.

I started on Ayurvedic medication and detoxification therapy at Badlapur. It relieved my leg pain to some extent for some time.

MRI was repeated on 20th September 2013 which showed the tumour size 7.0 X 5.2 X 6.0 cms.

I was taken to homeopathic doctor in Pune by my family. I had difficulties in bending, walking and sitting down, but I continued taking ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines to relieve my pain.

On 12th November 2013 I met Mr. Parag Samel, who is conducting Tadan And Taan Kriya Swayam Siddha RogNivarak Paddhati Centre in Thane. He explained to me and my family about Paida & Lajin Self Healing Therapy and its effectiveness. I underwent 4 weekends training at his centre and continued with his counselling. My body flexibility improved substantially. I was able to improve upon Lajin postures gradually from nearly 15° to 8o° and was able to sit and walk with less difficulties. My sciatica nerve in the right leg had protruded out and was painful, which was relieved by Paida by Mr. Samel. I met Miss Ellen Zhang in Dombivli in April 2014 during a seminar on Paida & Lajin.

It was difficult to practice Lajin at home without stretching bench but with consultation with Mr. Samel, my family modified our wooden bed by fixing a vertical batten. I am practicing on this modified wooden bed.

Then on 19th May 2014, my MRI was taken to see the condition of the tumour. It showed that the tumour had shrunk to 4.8 x 4.6 x 3.3 cms size. It was more hollow and softer in nature. This was heartening news for me and my family.

I am happy that I met Mr. Parag Samel, who is very caring and who gives finer instructions for improving Paida and Lajin Self Healing Therapy practice. He also explains the physiology in a disease condition to help understanding of the healing process in Paida & Lajin. Now I again feel the zest to continue the practice.”

You can read the full account of her experience here –


3) A German man cured his possible skin cancer and constipation by Paida Lajin


Dark spots had appeared on his skin that worried him; he thought it might be skin cancer. Slapping daily for two hours made the spots lessen and then disappear completely.

Back home, he got constipation and followed Xiao’s book, slapping the top of hands until discoloration occured.

Within three days his spot was gone, and constipation was cured too.

Read the full story at –


4) Larry Berkley saved his brother’s life by performing Paida Lajin on him


His brother had awoken shaking uncontrollably, and his whole body was clenched. When they turned him onto his back, his eyes rolled back into his head.

Berkeley started paida on his inner elbow and asked someone else to do the same to the other elbow.

“His arms and legs were clenched and he was struggling to breathe.”

After about a minute his breathing got better and his body unclenched slightly. Doctors later informed Larry that he had had a mild hearts attack. Larry believes that his paida had prevented a major heart attack and turned it into a mild one.

The full account –




Despite all these negative opinions on the technique, Paida Lajin is actually really popular among practitioners.

The concept of  sha is a widely-held belief in Chinese culture, and paida lajin has attracted a significant following in Chinese communities around Asia.

It is not uncommon for Mr Xiao’s clinics to be sold out and attended by hundreds. A single ticket can cost hundreds of pounds.

He first shot to fame when he published a book in 2009 entitled The World of Medicine: The Paida Lajin Self-Healing Method.

You can buy the book on Amazon.

He has gone on Taiwanese talk shows to promote paida lajin, and has conducted workshops in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

In recent years he has gone further to places like India, the US, Germany and Australia to hold clinics.

You must be wondering how something so extreme is so popular. Here’s why:


Benefits of Paida Lajin

(As stated by a dedicated practitioner, Lazarina van Oostveen)

PaidaLajin is an ancient self-rejuvenating practice used for centuries for self-healing and better strength on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


  • This is a vibrational medicine. It is easy, free of charge and one may choose to increase the intensity gradually.
  • It doesn’t replace other medical treatments but it certainly makes the body stronger so it can heal and function better.
  • The pain and the coloration called “bruises” by some people appear ONLY when the body is sick, toxic and weak.
  • Therefore, this practice can be used as an excellent diagnostic method by everyone.
  • Millions of people around the world already proved the fact that after a few days regular practice, one can slap easier, longer and stronger, but no pain and bruises appear anymore. The body becomes cleaner, healthier and stronger!
  • Then one day the slapping feels like a good relaxing massage and a lot of people may even fall asleep while receiving Paida Lajin from others.


Source –




Due to its extreme nature, this technique is at the center of many controversies. One of them involves the death of a seven year old Sydney boy, Aidan Fenton, a diabetic patient, who was taken to a Paida Lajin workshop by his parents, and died shortly after the treatment. The parents were charged heavy fines as the police believed they had stopped giving him insulin and caused his death by ‘gross negligence’. In April 2011, Taiwanese authorities fined Xiao NT$50,000 (£1,060, $1,600) for ‘promoting folk remedies as medically effective’, after he claimed that diabetic patients did not need medication and could be cured with paida lajin.


Dare you try?

We have listed the benefits and risks of this highly controversial technique. You may get cured but at the risk of acquiring several bruises. Now it is your time to decide – dare you give this technique a try?


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