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Do you believe in the power of the mind? Do you think your mind is capable of infinite possibilities including self-healing? Some of us might think our minds and physical abilities are finite. It is common for everyone to experience some form of illness or injury at some point in time in our lives.

No one can say that we are completely immune to all these bodily afflictions. But how does one recover from injuries and sicknesses? Most of us would seek professional medical help or perhaps choose to self-medicate with over-the-counter medications, herbs and other types of supplements or turn to alternative therapy.

Yet among us, there are those who believe in the infinite capacity of our incredible minds to be able to overcome all such physical pain and afflictions and proceed with self-healing. Organ regeneration sounds impossible to most of us, but there are those who truly believe our minds are even capable of exerting control over our body to overcome pain and diseases, to the point of organ regeneration.

Sounds fascinating? Let’s find out more about the Russian New Knowledge which is also known as the Russian healing of Grabovoi. But first, let’s learn about the man behind this therapy.


Who is Grigori Grabovoi?


Dr. Grigori Grabovoi is a Russian mathematician and scientist. He believes that it is possible to cure cancer, AIDs and even overcome death and resurrect the dead. Dr. Grabovi also claims that it is possible to resolve mechanical and electronic problems without having direct contact with the devices or mechanisms. This includes resolving issues in space stations, airplanes, and atomic electric power stations. He claims that it is possible to use the mind to remotely control things at a distance and also cure disease conditions in people without being physically present. More information can be found here:

Dr. Grabovoi has a famous saying, “Life is light, thoughts are light, even God is light.” His main teaching is about having a new level of consciousness. He believes that everything that exists is based on a structure of consciousness, including the consciousness of a superior creator. Dr. Grabovoi believes that if people can comprehend this consciousness, they will be able to overcome death, create space and carry out any kind of inventive action. Therefore, he propagates that with the mind being able to control such a consciousness, basically, anything is possible, including teleporting and resurrection.

Dr. Grabovoi’s teaching states that since there is a creator, we are all designed to be perfect and in a state, Dr. Grabavoi calls as ‘norm’. All diseases are a result of a deviation from the norm. Injuries are also not part of the ‘norm’. In fact, since God is light and love, anything that does not reflect light and love are not considered to be part of the ‘norm’. Therefore, injuries, war, and hate, which are a reflection of fear, are the exact opposite under Dr. Grabavoi’s definition of ‘norm’, are should be reverted to restore a pleasant state of ‘norm’.

Dr. Grabovoi also strongly believes that if everyone practices his teaching, this can bring about a much better world when there is a collective consciousness among people in harmony with the rest of the universe. More information can be found here:


What is the Russian New Knowledge of organ regeneration?


To understand this new level of consciousness that Dr. Grabovoi teaches, we need to understand the basic principles behind it.

  • The first principle of organ regeneration

The first principle of organ regeneration states that everyone and everything comes from a creator. In this sense, people can also behave and think like the creator. When a person is able to fully comprehend this principle, he will be able to harness incredible power and carry out any healing process and even make changes deep within the body.

  • The second principle of organ regeneration

The second principle of organ regeneration states that everything is made up of energy and information. In this sense, we are all condensed information.

  • The third principle of organ regeneration

The third principle of organ regeneration states that people are in fact a conscious technology tool. Based on this principle, it means people actually do not require any technology or sophisticated equipment to conduct healing process. More information can be found here:

As you can see, this form of healing and therapy requires some level of spiritual awareness. This is why the practitioners of this Russian New Knowledge are also known as ‘spiritual scientists’.

How does organ regeneration work?


Regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth. It is believed that organ regeneration can only be carried out if a person has complete control over his soul, mind, and consciousness. This allows the person to be able to get his body to re-grow or regenerate various parts of his body, including teeth, gall bladder, appendix and other organs. With the control of a heightened level of consciousness, an intense process of healing can be carried out right down at a cellular level.

The healing process is not just about overcoming a particular illness of health condition, rather, it is to become the perfect condition, also known as ‘norm’, that the creator had originally intended for us to be. Therefore, the therapy is also about making use of one’s consciousness to return the body to a previous state when it was free from disease, pain or injury. This therapy usually takes several sessions for positive results to be seen in a person.

What happens during organ regeneration?


Firstly, it is essential that the person accepts and truly believes that he is able to re-grow or regenerate parts of his body. Secondly, the person must have a clear objective. He needs to resolve to have a great determination to want to re-grow or regenerate his organs. Thirdly, the person needs to have an open mind to allow and accept changes in his life to occur.

The process of organ regeneration includes undergoing a major change in perspective and perception of himself and the world around him. As you can see, this process may require an extensive period of time and definitely a great deal of commitment and determination. The person would need to persist to see himself through the entire healing process. More information can be found here:

In getting a person to be focused on this heightened level of consciousness, meditation is required. The idea is to get the person to focus so deeply that he is able to will his body to return to a previous state, thereby healing itself and reversing the condition as if the injury or illness never happened. As the second principle of organ regeneration states, people are actually made of energy and information. Based on this principle, information can thus be manipulated to bring about physical changes in the body through changes in energy levels.

The Grabovoi teaching states that information can actually be manipulated through vibration. It is also believed that everything has vibration, including light, sound, color, and numbers. Dr. Grabovoi has actually devised something he calls the ‘number pharmacy’ in which every condition is paired with a particular number that is supposed to correct its vibration.

People who practice Dr. Grabovoi’s way of healing carry out concentration exercises that focus on these vibration numbers in order to bring our bodily healing. More information can be found here:


Dr. Grabovoi’s healing with number pharmacy


Dr. Grabovoi believes that every number has a spiritual and energetic structural vibration. It is as if every number has a language of its own. The same applies to every word and auditory sound. Each of them has a unique structural vibration. Dr. Grabovoi states that our consciousness is also connected with numbers and thereby vibrations.

By concentrating on these numbers, vibrations are then activated in the respective areas of our consciousness, which affect our body. Dr.Grabovoi’s organ regeneration method makes use of concentrating on these numbers in order to bring about a control at the spiritual level, which in turn affects the physical wellbeing.

It is believed that these ‘number codes’ help to create a structure in our consciousness levels which is essential in enabling our body to control its health and wellbeing. By focusing on these number codes, a person will become highly aware of his body and be able to make the body feel healthy and be completely healthy. The number codes may consist up to twelve digits and are specific for different conditions.

Dr. Grabavoi believes that when diseases or injuries occur, they result in the body deviating from is supposed perfect state, also known as the ‘norm’. Through the practice of this focus on the number codes and making use of heightened consciousness, we are then able to control our body and bring it back to its ‘norm’, which is free from any disease or injury. Dr. Grabavoi likens the focusing on these number codes as tuning your body for it to return to its originally intended state.

The ultimate objective for people who practice Dr. Grabavoi’s organ regeneration method is to attain a constant state where the body is always in its state of ‘norm’, which is also the completely healthy spiritual state that the creator had originally intended for all of us to be. More information can be found here:

If you bring Dr. Grabavoi’s theory further, it could certainly seem like even immortality is possible, so long the body is in a constant state of perfect health and condition.

Testimonies of Dr. Grabavoi’s organ regeneration therapy


  • Healing for respiratory condition

Lynne shares that after working on Dr. Grabavoi’s methods for over 2 years, she has been completely healed from her respiratory condition. She was suffering from bronchiolitis since young and had been taking a lot of different medications. The cocktail of drugs that she took also resulted in a lot of negative side effects on her health and physique.

Amazingly, Dr. Grabavoi’s organ regeneration method has allowed Lynne to regenerate her lungs, back to normal size, just by thinking about it! Lynne shares that it is due to great persistence and intention that her heightened sense of consciousness has actually resulted a positive physical reality of healing in her body. More information can be found here:

  • Healing for pain in knees

Edward Cox shares that he was suffering from pain in his knees and had difficulty in mobility such as running, riding his bike and bending his knees. He sought various treatment from doctors but did not seem to resolve the issue. After about a year of practising Dr. Grabavoi’s methods, Edward says that he has been fully cured from his condition. He feels more energized and states that this self-healing process has been indeed incredible and life-changing.


  • Russian healing is a way to a more fulfilling and happy life

Carola who is the founder of the Thailand project which is organized by E-Equals-VS, an organization propagating Dr. Grabavoi’s teaching, shares in this YouTube video that she has witnessed multiple physical healing in different people. Some of which include the complete healing of scars on the body, and there was also a case where a 10-centimetre tumor disappeared in 7 days after practising Dr. Grabavoi’s healing methods. She emphasizes that everything is possible for the body to proceed with self-healing capabilities as long as there is focus and concentration for organ regeneration to take place. Carola also shares that Dr. Grabavoi’s teaching is not just about self-healing, but also brining about a more fulfilling and happy life. It is a choice that everyone can make for himself to bring about a better life.

  • Healing of late stage cancer

Brian Power shares in this YouTube video that he was a resident at the cancer ward in the hospital for five months because of cancer that weighed 12 kilograms. He went through chemotherapy and suffered all the negative side effects that came along with the treatment. He then came across Dr. Grabavoi’s methods and experienced life-changing effects and was healed of his cancer condition.

Brain shares that Dr. Grabavoi’s healing methods are a combination of quantum physics, alchemy, and spirituality. He encourages those who are keen on trying to put their hearts into it, and they will certainly reap tremendous benefits from the organ regeneration therapy.

  • Healing of pain

Paul Phillips shared that he experienced almost instantaneous healing from a pain that he has been suffering through the practice of Dr. Grabavoi’s methods. He says that it is beneficial for everyone to have a greater awareness of this new level of consciousness that the mind and body are capable of.




For those of us who believe that there is a superior being who created us and all that is in this universe, perhaps it is not too difficult to also believe in Dr. Grabavoi’s healing methods. If there is indeed a creator, and we are his creation, surely, we would be able to reflect and exercise some of his great wisdom and powers? This is exactly at the heart of Dr. Grabavoi’s teaching.

A lot of scientific studies have shown that actually, we are only utilizing a small part of our brain as we go about our daily work and various activities. There is indeed a lot of brain power and mental capacities that we have yet to harness. Applying Dr. Grabavoi’s teachings might just be the answer to maximizing the potential of our brain, bringing us to a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness.

If we can build supercomputers, build space crafts that travel to other planets, or invent life-saving machines, and are only using a fraction of our brain capacity, what more can we achieve if we fully maximize all areas and consciousness of our mind?

If you are still feeling sceptical, there is no harm in doing further research or reading up on more testimonies of amazing life-changing experiences of those who truly practiced Dr. Grabavoi’s teachings and reaped fascinating results from it. I believe that there is indeed much more than we are capable of.

At the heart of it all, we simply need to choose to believe and accept a new dimension, a new perspective, and a new reality. Only when we keep an open mind to all possibilities, can we step into a new dimension, allowing our mind and body to fully expand its potential and hidden capabilities.



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