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Paint Thinner or Miracle Cure?


Alternative treatments have been present since the time of our ancestors.

An example of a natural and alternative treatment is the use of turpentine.

Turpentine is an extract taken through the distillation of pine leaves. The extract usually comes in the form of an oil.

The substance is known and used as a paint thinner. There are however, people who drink turpentine for medicinal purposes.

Although they may seem crazy, because ingesting a paint thinner can result to poisoning- we have quite surprising information that states otherwise.

Turpentine is used as a cleanse and may have strong healing properties especially for joint and muscle pain, for stomach parasites, for toothaches, for headaches and for cellular health.

Some unsubstantiated claims say that it could improve autism and mental health.

So, read on further- you might learn something new and helpful. This article emphasizes the benefits of turpentine cleanse for pain management and gut health- especially for the treatment of stomach parasites and candidiasis. Let’s see if turpentine is really a miracle cure…

Pain? No Problem!


Intolerable joint pain affects 99% of Americans at one point in their lives.

The standard pharmaceutical option- Mefenamic Acid and Ibuprofen, may cause kidney problems towards some people if it is abused- and 90% of Americans have taken it at one point in their lives.

With these numbers- there is bound to be a kidney problem somewhere.

It may therefore, be smart to look for alternative treatments and therapies for pain.

For years, turpentine has been used to relieve joint and muscle pain- especially for the older generation.

In Lawrence Farley’s book Looking for Longleaf: The Fall and Rise of an American Forest, he identified that the ancient Roman Soldiers used Turpentine Oil to soothe themselves after battle and heal their wounds.

Ointment or lotion with Turpentine Oil; has been a staple in our grandmother’s medicine cabinet and as the old saying goes, grandma knows best.

It is also rumored to be an unlisted ingredient in the household staple for pain and discomfort- Vicks Vapor Rub.

There are also scientists and doctors who seem to agree.

Biologist Naseem Charoo in his study; finds that turpentine oil has a high level of flurbiprofen- a natural anti-inflammatory agent that is steroid free has no known side effects. Pain is simply the inflammation of joints or muscles, so most pain relievers are synthetic anti-inflammatory compounds. (

The American Natural Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also provides their arthritic patients Turpentine Lotion to lessen the pain caused by the symptoms of chronic arthritis for their older patients. (

This is important because older individuals usually have weaker immune systems and more illnesses. They therefore need to have options that are safer and does not expose them to potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives.

The usual way of using Turpentine is to rub or massage it to your joints and areas of pain in its oil or ointment form. It is said to create a warming sensation upon rubbing- similar to that of menthol- which can almost immediately, soothe the symptoms of pain. The suggested amount of application is two to three times a day, or when pain strikes.

So, if you are experiencing pain, soreness, inflammation or muscle fatigue- whether it is soreness we feel from working out, or joint pain from a hard day, or us recovering from injury, or the chronic pain we experience as we are growing old or even just to relax the muscles- do not pop an Advil yet.

Turpentine ointment is your friend.

More than a Pain Remedy


But the benefits of using Turpentine goes beyond that of pain relief. It can also have super benefits when ingested correctly.

Back in the day, it was once touted as Wizard Oil- a cure-all for rheumatism, stomach parasites, headaches and general malaise.

There are other sources who claim that turpentine helps in improving head lice and urinary tract infections. (

Renowned comedian Tiffany Haddish describes it as her secret to keeping fresh, looking young and maintaining her energy on long shows. She takes turpentine mixed with honey or sugar once a day. (

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, a doctor and naturopath; is considered as the foremost figurehead and expert in alternative treatments.

She suggests that we should change the mentality of going straight to the pharmacy but rather, include lifestyle/dietary changes and natural remedies as a first line solution to illness.

She is credited for expanding the research on Turpentine’s benefits and experimenting with its safety and correct dosage.

The results of her experiment on turpentine include:

  • An immediate increase in her energy upon taking it.
  • Her mother, who also took turpentine; felt relief on the chronic pain from age that she felt for the past 30 years.

Dr. Daniels also states that Turpentine can help improve gut-health.

An improved gut health provides us with better metabolism. This could help us remain slimmer- therefore avoiding the pitfalls and health problems associated with being overweight.

A good gut also helps us lessen the development of bad bacteria inside our body, that could cause us various sicknesses and is a perfect breeding ground for stomach worms.

She also says that Turpentine, when taken correctly improves cellular health. This in turn improves our immune system and our lifespan as well.

A healthier cellular system helps us avoid degenerative diseases when we grow older such as Alzheimer’s and Rheumatism. It can also help avoid the development of cancer cells.

Turpentine can help us lead longer, healthier, stronger, happier and more fulfilling lives for our families and for others.

Candidiasis Treatment: A Major Contribution of Turpentine.


One major area where Turpentine usage is making waves is the management of Candidiasis.

Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by the uncontrolled growth of the Candida bacteria within our body.

Now, all of us have a certain level of Candida within us; and a normal level is quite helpful to our overall health.

However, due to our polluted environment, bad food choices, genetically modified farm products, stress and other factors- an overgrowth of Candida affects 85% of Americans. This could lead to Candidiasis- a fungal infection characterized by mouth sores, genital itching, painful urination and general soreness.

To treat candidiasis, we typically use anti-fungal medicines.

The problem with this is that using these pharmaceutical products could make us feel sicker.

These medicines may give us symptoms of diarrhea or stomach pain (due to its effect on our gut) and worse, using these treatments regularly can eventually cause the bacteria to adapt and be resistant to them, leading to more toxic, recurring and stronger strains.

It is suggested therefore, to use Turpentine as treatment instead.

It only makes sense, since Candida is a naturally occurring bacteria; then using a natural solution to control it is safer and more viable.

Turpentine kills the excess Candida fungi in our gut, which helps in healing Candidiasis.

How Do We Use Turpentine?


Multiple sources, including Dr. Daniels- agree that ingesting one teaspoon or 5 mL of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine to improve overall health, relieve joint pain, heal candidiasis and kill stomach parasites. (

It is very important to take the right dosage- too much could be unsafe and toxic, while too little would not allow us to experience its medicinal benefits.

Purity is also important for safety purposes. I have to emphasize this as much- we should only use 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine.

We should not confuse this with the standard turpentine we find from the hardware store. What we are looking for is the 100% extract from pine trees.

To use it, pour the turpentine into three sugar cubes and allow the turpentine to saturate within the cubes. You then chew the cubes while drinking water with it. (

You also need to hydrate more if you are taking turpentine, at least add in 10 eight-ounce glasses of water daily.

A word of precaution however- You must only do the turpentine and sugar method if you are having three or more bowel movements a day.

If you are still not into that level of bowel movement- then you must take one teaspoon turpentine with equal parts of castor oil instead.

The reason why you need to have three bowel movements a day is that you could be prone to having symptoms of itching and headaches if you are not able to completely flush out the turpentine from your body once you go through the treatment protocol.

Castor oil, being a natural laxative, will help improve your digestive system without taxing yourself too much.

The end goal is to condition our body so that we could eventually take turpentine with refined sugar cubes.

The rationale behind this is because parasites and the candida fungus love sugar. They will be attracted to it and eat it- not knowing that it is a trap for them. These candida and parasites will eventually attach themselves to your bowels, and would be excreted out of your system:



How Long Does It Take For Turpentine To Kill Parasites?


It is suggested that the turpentine with sugar protocol should be done for 2 weeks to completely heal candidiasis and kill parasites. You can take it on a 3-straight days on and 3-straight days off cycle.

We can eventually lessen the ingestion of it to once a week for maintenance purposes- to keep gut health in check and to prevent candidiasis. Some, even lessened their ingestion to once a month.


Turpentine Cleanse Reviews – What do real people who used it say?


Someone who used turpentine as a cleanse states that she felt an overall improvement in her feelings (feel more energized, enthusiastic), minimized food allergies, and their weight is well maintained. (

While a yoga enthusiast, who for the longest time, suffered anorexia and candida; and whose liver function had been compromised due to excessive usage of pharmaceutical drugs- went through the turpentine cleanse for 6 months and had been satisfied ever since.

She states that she had since regained the 20 pounds she lost, she is not anorexic anymore, her candidiasis is cured and not recurring and she feels better than ever.

She has also decided to take turpentine as a maintenance supplement (just like vitamins) on a regular basis.


Another user who is affected with lupus finds that the pain she associates with her sickness lessened after applying the turpentine cleanse for 4 months. Her bowel movements are also improved.

Her argument is that for the longest time, islanders and older people detoxify their bodies with herbs and different plant extracts.

Therefore, removing bodily toxins can help greatly in the improvement of our overall general health.


Youtube user A-Z Health took Turpentine for 40-days and stated that he didn’t feel anything other than being feeling more energized and cleaner throughout the day. He says that Turpentine also has positive mental benefits in terms of clarity in thinking and mood.

Raw Joy Abundance on the other hand, saw that his stool was colored white- evidence of the parasites that were flushed out of his body after taking turpentine for 7 days. He however, felt redness and itchiness, but the symptoms eventually disappeared.

Meanwhile, another Youtuber- Vegetable Police, felt sick in his stomach overnight after taking the turpentine solution.

Dr. Mike Witfort adds that turpentine does not only kill parasites-which is just a temporary effect- it also alters the environment of our gut. Turpentine makes it not viable for parasites to live inside of us:



There are also scientists and doctors who of course, say that Turpentine is quite toxic and useless- suggesting that we should rather use pharmaceutical medicines instead.

Despite the different views, there is strong evidence coming from both the medical/science practitioners and everyday people that turpentine is highly beneficial.

So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you do further research, listen to podcasts- especially those from Dr. Daniels and make an informed decision to add turpentine supplementation in your routine, especially if you are prone to candidiasis, or is experiencing chronic pain.

So, what do you think about the turpentine cleanse protocol to kill parasites? Do you think it’s a miracle cure and would you like to use it on yourself?





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